Technology Guide for Educators

The content of this page is a digital representation of the information shared at new educator week orientations and other situations.

We have a keyword ‘shortcut’ system throughout the LPS website. Type the keywords mentioned below in the keyword field at the top right of most pages to quickly access specific pages on the site.



The LPS website has thousands of pages, but a handful of them are accessible directly with a KEYWORD typed into the keyword/search box in the top right corner of Here are a handful (not mentioned already in this document) that might be useful to teachers…

  • help = Tech support
  • pedia = LPS O’Pedia
  • stupass Student Password Lookup
  • jobs = HR/jobs

The Portal

keyword: portal

To make it easier and faster to access approved web services, LPS students and staff are asked to use a site called The Portal. The Portal includes icons that take users directly to a web service just like a bookmark. For many services, no additional login is required because the portal passes your credentials (login/password) to the tools securely. Learn more…


keyword: core

CORE will show your paycheck information, timesheet, leave balances, W2, Online Benefit Information, Employee ID, and additional employee information. Your 8-digit employee ID is the number required for using the Xerox MFDs (printing, copying, faxing, scanning) in our district.

Printing & Copying

keyword: print or copy

If you don’t need it TODAY, use the district Print Center to order your print and copying jobs. If you do need it today, you can print, copy, scan, or fax from the MFDs in every teacher work center across the district. Learn more…


keyword: subs or absence

This is where most staff members submit absences so that they are properly entered into CORE/WFM, and where teachers request a substitute. Learn more…

Sub Packet Tech Assistance

Technology as a tool used in teaching and learning is no longer a “sometimes” thing. It is an “every day” thing. This places new expectations on the substitute teachers who keep things running smoothly while our classroom teachers are away. This page contains helpful resources for helping your substitute get started using some of the most commonly used tech tools across LPS.

Instructional Technology

Student Learning & Information Management

keyword: slim

The LPS Student Learning & Instructional Management (SLIM) page provides a one-stop-shop for links to information about systems that manage/report student data for the district. LPS uses Synergy as our Student Information System and Grade Book. The SLIM page contains instructions by role (office, admin, teacher, etc).

Instructional Technology Tools (ITT)

keyword: ITT

LPS takes seriously our commitment to protecting student information. This takes many forms. One strategy is identifying Instructional Technology Tools (ITTs) that are safe for student use, support district learning goals, and encourage innovative teaching and learning. Fortunately for us, we have a cross-departmental committee that reviews tools for use in our classrooms. Want to understand “the why” behind what is selected? Keyword ‘ITT‘ will help you learn more..

ITT Matrix

keyword: matrix

The LPS ITT Matrix catalogs the applications, extensions, websites and other digital tools that have been reviewed by the District ITT Evaluation Committee. Teachers and school leaders are encouraged to review the LPS Instructional Technology Tool Matrix when considering a tool, BEFORE using it with students.


Google Workspace for Education

The productivity (word processing, slides, spreadsheets, storage, etc) and communication (email and calendar) tools used by LPS staff and students are all found within the Google Workspace. 

You need to have a good understanding of the various Google Workspaces options if you want them to be useful as an instructional tool. Learn more about them by watching the introductory video and resources linked here.

Information Technology Rules & Procedures (ITR/P)

Each year LPS staff members are asked to reaffirm their commitment to securing the data and systems of Lincoln Public Schools by reviewing our Information Technology Rules & Procedures. These ITR/P address issues such as password security, selection of instructional tech tools, sensitive or confidential data access, use of district technology, and appropriate internet use. We are reminded that failure to comply with these rules may result in disciplinary action.

Learn more about data governance efforts in LPS.

Web Content Filtering

Federal regulations require the restriction of access to specific types of web content. LPS employees may enter their LPS credentials to access many web pages not allowed to students. This is known as “Role Based Authentication” and respects an educator’s right to make professional decisions about the content you access. Learn more about this process and the LPS Board of Education Policies and Regulations it relates to.

LPS Tech Updates

Interested in receiving occasional messages from Computing Services? Sign up to join the LPS Tech Updates email list. Topics will range from tips to technical, but will always include announcements of helpful updates to software LPS teachers use. 

How to sign up...

  1. Click this link to open the LPS Google Group “Tech Updates”
  2. Click the “Join Group” button at the top of the window
  3. Make any desired subscription choices
  4. Click “Join Group

That’s it! Welcome to the group!

Tech Support & Skill Development


Is the tool you are using currently out of service? Check here.

The LPS status page is where we post updates whenever a service provisioned for use by the LPS community is down temporarily. You can sign up for notifications if you want to be alerted.


Looking for help? Start by searching for support & training resources...

LPS Computing Services maintains help documents on every core tool that is supported district-wide. To browse them, visit keyword: help.

File a Ticket

If you don't find a support resource, try submitting a Service Desk ticket.

Computing Services has regional Support Technicians that will be dispatched to your location when necessary. Otherwise, your ticket will be handled by a system support specialist for the tool in question.

Call Us!

You can also contact our HelpDesk by phone during normal business hours.

The LPS Helpdesk is a phone bank team of caring individuals who want to help you with your work-related technology issues. 

Professional Learning

Unified Talent Professional Learning is the Lincoln Public Schools professional learning system. Staff members can search for, register for and track learning opportunities. 

Install the Unified Talent Mobile app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store  to view PD courses as both an instructor and a participant. As a participant, view your upcoming courses and map their locations.  As an instructor, you can take attendance directly in the app.

During the first login, use the code below and log in using your LPS credentials: jcsfjw

If you have questions on its use, contact the Professional Learning office at   402-436-1851.

Tech Training

LPS Computing Services offers workshops year-round, as well as a number of annual and ongoing opportunities. Learn about many of them on our tech training web page…

Keep Calm and Dial 1735
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Connected Classrooms

Classroom Equipment

LPS supports the digital delivery of instruction through Connected Classrooms where learners can see, hear, and interact with curricular and instructional resources.

Every learning space in the district is configured with a mounted display (projector or monitor) and an audio enhancement system. Many buildings have chosen to supplement with an AppleTV for wireless projection and a document camera.

This resource contains information on the tools a teacher will be likely to find in a completed LPS Connected Classroom. 

Audio Enhancement

(Classroom Microphones)

There is no electronic tool with a more direct tie to improved retention than sound field systems. That’s why the LPS Board of Education provided one for every learning space in LPS. We need to be sure that we are using them. Every day. Every period.

They are should create a consistent “sound field” across the classroom so that your voice sounds the same to the student in the back of the room and the student right beside you.

Tips for getting started…

Teacher Laptops

keyword: laptop

The current model of teacher laptop in LPS is the 13-inch Retina MacBook Air. To learn about its’ use, care, settings, accessories and other frequently asked questions, visit keyword: laptop.


LPS ensures teachers, students, staff and administrators have persistent access to a computing device sufficient to access and leverage learning resources. At grades 2-12 this device is a Chromebook.

Chromebook orientation materials and procedures are curated by buildings. Speak to a tech leader in your building to gain access to these materials.


keyword: iPad

Lincoln Public Schools supports the purposeful use of iPads as a strategy for helping students learn at high levels. iPads are used in two significant use cases in LPS:

  • K-1 Learning Stations
  • Teacher and Administrator Mobility

Everything you might need to know about iPad management in LPS will be found in this resource titled ‘iPads in LPS’.


keyword: hapara

Hāpara is a tool that does a few things for LPS teachers. It allows teachers full access into student Google Drive, and allows teachers to better manage Chromebook use in their classroom through “focus browsing” and activity monitors.

If you teach in a classroom where Chromebooks are present (grades 2-12) you will want to know as much as you can about Hāpara!