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Student Learning & Instructional Management (SLIM)

The LPS Student Learning & Instructional Management (SLIM) page provides a one-stop-shop for links to information about systems that manage/report student data for the district.

The resources posted on this page are LPS-created instructions for those things that we feel need explanation beyond what can be found via the built-in help.

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Staff Maintenance



Course History




Grading – Elementary

Grading – Secondary


Labels and Letters

For reports that were previously listed here, please view the Reports section lower on this page.


Student Device and Technology Tool Use

Student Photos

Summer School

Test History

Training Server Login – Use this site to practice and experiment in Synergy without affecting production data.  Data is refreshed on a regular basis, and must be accessed on the LPS network.

TeacherVUE Elementary Resources



LMS Pages

  • Admin Report (video) – to see which teachers have shared LMS pages with their classes.


NOTE:  If you encounter any issue with assessments, complete a helpdesk ticket (New Incident >> Software/Service >> SLIM >> Assessment).  Please include the name of the assessment and a student name in the information or a screenshot/photo of the entire screen.

Setting Up and Administering an Assessment

Teacher Created Assessments

Scoring Assessments

Access to Assessment Results

Available Assessments

Paper/Pencil Versions of Assessments (Just in case)


The district-created, point-in-time reports below provide a snapshot about achievement and demographic information.