Information Technology Rules & Procedures

The information technology rules (ITR) and information technology procedures/practices (ITP) describe responsible use and/or expected behavioral norms related to  District technology resources that are extended as a privilege. All staff are expected to annually acknowledge that they have reviewed posted rules, procedures and practices. The Information Security Office should be notified via a help desk request or email to <> about violations of an ITR or ITP as well as about potential issues related to the security of any technology infrastructure including computing devices, network equipment, surveillance cameras, instructional technology tools or enterprise software.

The collection of Information Technology Rules and Information Technology Procedures/Practices will be modified through revisions, additions, and deletions. Before any change is made, the proposed revision, addition or deletion will be reviewed with the Technology Applications and Governance committee and then posted on this web site for a 30-day comment period. Following the comment period, input will be considered and amendments will be made when appropriate. The proposed change will then be finalized with the agreement of the Technology Applications and Governance committee.

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Should you have any comments, questions or suggestions please submit them via the ITR & ITP Feedback Form (LPS Google sign-in required)

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ITR & ITPComment StatusCreation/Review Date
ITR000 - IT Rule ProcessClosedOctober 2018
ITR001 - Information Classification RuleClosedOctober 2018
ITR002 - Instructional Technology Tools Selection RuleClosedOctober 2018
ITP002 - Instructional Technology Tools Selection ProcedureClosedOctober 2018
ITR003 - Account Access and Password RuleClosedOctober 2018
ITP003 - Account Access and Password ProcedureClosedOctober 2018
ITR004 - Information Sharing PracticesClosedOctober 2018
ITR005 - Forensic Request RuleClosedOctober 2018
ITR006 - Data Center Access RuleClosedOctober 2018
ITR007 - Network Access RuleClosedOctober 2018
ITR008 - Equipment LifecycleClosedOctober 2018