Tech Training

The Educational Technology Training Team is comprised of Educational Technology and Application Specialists focused on training teachers, office professionals and administrators to use applications for a variety of purposes.

Kristi Peters
Director, Ed Tech & Training

  • Brian Fitzgerald
  • Tim Hahn
  • Lisa Hopkins
  • Lindsay Kerkman
  • Amy Newburn
  • Chris Pultz
  • Jarred Rowe
  • Brooke Rudeen

Building Training

The Educational Technology Training team will come out to your building and train staff on current workshop topics as long as the following is understood:

  • There are 10 or more staff members committed to participate.
  • School Building Administration is aware and supportive.

Administrators, coordinators and curricular specialists may contact Computing Services ( or 458-3139) to request professional learning sessions that meet your individual needs.


BL@TS (Blueprint for Assessing Technology Skills) is an LPS designed and delivered tool that allows teachers to self-assess their technology skills and awareness. Afterwards, building administrators receive data (without ties to teacher names) that can drive decision making around building staff development needs.

Created in 2009, BL@TS is currently in its 3rd major revision, updated regularly to reflect the realities of the changing technology landscape in LPS. 

To move forward with using BL@TS with your staff, please reach out to Kristi Peters.

Foundational Skills Spreadsheets

The Foundational Skills spreadsheets are LPS developed tools for identifying specific skills considered to be foundational to success (for teachers) using technology. It provides a flexible skill development option for teachers that does not involve travel across LPS, or additional time commitments, and it offers an individualized pathway towards baseline skills with no avenue to “not know” how to perform them.

To move forward with using a Foundational Skills Spreadsheet with your staff, please reach out to the Computing Services Training team.

New Teacher Orientation

As part of the “warm welcome!” extended to all new LPS employees, we spend a day helping them set up their teacher laptop, introduce them to Synergy, and walk them through the ocean of digital tools every teacher needs to know about.

Technology Survival Guide

CLASS Conference (Summer)

The CLASS Conference intends to provide professional learning that will meet the needs of teachers still emerging in their use of technology as well as the teachers that have been teaching with it for some time. The CLASS Conference is a day-long event at which teachers can “build-their-own” professional learning schedule of up to six topics. 

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