Tech Training

The Educational Technology Training Team is comprised of Educational Technology and Application Specialists focused on training teachers, office professionals and administrators to use applications for a variety of purposes.

Workshops are offered year-round. There are also annual and ongoing opportunities coordinated by this team. Learn about many of them below!


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Tech Training Team

Kristi Peters
Coordinator, Ed Tech & Training

  • Drew Ramaekers, Training Manager
  • Rebecca Dover
  • Brian Fitzgerald
  • Tim Hahn
  • Lisa Hopkins
  • Lindsay Kerkman
  • Amy Newburn
  • Archer Porter
  • Chris Pultz
  • Jarred Rowe

Annual Events

CLASS Conference (Summer)

As teachers adapt to technology being as pervasive as textbooks, the CLASS Conference intends to provide professional learning that will meet the needs of teachers still emerging in their use of technology as well as the teachers that have been teaching with it for some time. The CLASS Conference is a day-long event at which teachers can “build-their-own” professional learning schedule of up to six topics. It repeats on three dates at Southwest HS. Join your colleagues!

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New Teacher Orientation

As part of the “warm welcome!” extended to all new LPS employees, we spend half of a day helping them set up their teacher laptop, introduce them to Synergy, and walk them through the ocean of digital tools every teacher needs to know about.

Technology Survival Guide

Ongoing Opportunities

Building Trainings

The Educational Technology Training team will come out to your building and train staff on current workshop topics as long as the following is understood:

  • There are 10 or more staff members committed to participate.
  • School Building Administration is aware and supportive.
  • The sessions are scheduled to be held outside of regular teacher time (before or after school)
  • The class is scheduled to run the same amount of time as district-offered classes of the same type.

Note: Building principals may decide to spend staff development time toward technology topics which then will count toward the 7 hours of building flex.  Participation is tracked at the building level.


BL@TS (Blueprint for Assessing Technology Skills) is an LPS designed and delivered tool that allows teachers to self-assess their technology skills and awareness. Afterwards, building administrators receive data (without ties to teacher names) that can drive decision making around building staff development needs.

Created in 2009, BL@TS is currently in its 3rd major revision, updated regularly to reflect the realities of the changing technology landscape in LPS. The current revision of BL@TS is delivered within Qualtrics.

To move forward with using BL@TS with your staff, please reach out to Kristi Peters.

Foundational Skills Spreadsheets

The Foundational Skills spreadsheets are LPS developed tools for identifying specific skills considered to be foundational to success (for teachers) using technology. It provides a flexible skill development option for teachers that does not involve travel across LPS, or additional time commitments, and it offers an individualized pathway towards baseline skills with no avenue to “not know” how to perform them.

The spreadsheets contains a series of individual pages (tabs) for each of the base tools identified. Each tab presents a series of skills presented as questions with YES/NO responses. If the teacher does not know how to perform a skill, they are presented with links to support materials providing instructions for how to perform this skill.

To move forward with using a Foundational Skills Spreadsheet with your staff, please reach out to the Computing Services Training team.

Catalog of Sessions

The following courses are regularly offered in the staff development catalog or can be scheduled in your building (building sessions require 10 committed participants). Please contact Computing Services ( to schedule.

As part of the Device Assisted Learning and Instruction component of the LPS Tech Plan, the student assigned device is a Chromebook. This session will orient educators to the special elements of the Chromebook and the nearly identical functions that it shares with the Chrome web browser found on all LPS teacher laptops. We will share tips and information about streamlining the use of Google Apps on Chrome as well as other browser-based utilities for working with your students now that they will have Chromebooks in their student toolset. *Please bring your LPS assigned laptop with you.

The volume of email messages sent and received on a daily basis demands that we take time to consider best practices for managing it. Learn about strategies for processing your inbox and composing more effective communications. We’ll look at some of the lesser known features of Zimbra that may be just what you need to succeed in the “battle of the inbox!” Comfortability with the Zimbra Communication Suite is assumed. Please bring your laptops if possible.

Students are using Chromebooks in many areas of their LPS lives so now is a good time for 6-12th graders to consider digital student planners. Google Calendar is an organizational tool available to teachers and students in the Google Apps for Education environment. Integrations with Hapara and Google Classroom automatically add assignments to the Google Calendar for courses when they are created, making Google Calendar a convenient tool. Students will appreciate that the tool becomes even more powerful when they enable the Tasks tool contained within the calendar. Tasks allow for personal to-do list management separate from the course calendars maintained by teachers. *Please bring your LPS assigned laptop with you.

Google Classroom is a tool that helps teachers have a more efficient workflow when using Google Drive with their students. Classroom, while not a full-blown Learning Management System (LMS), manages the hand-in/hand-out process of digital documents in Google Drive, automating the assignment process and organizing folders for easy access by the student and teacher. Additionally, teachers can provide direct feedback, see who hasn’t completed work and show scored work right in Classroom. *Please bring your LPS assigned laptop with you.

Google Docs is a cloud-based word processing tool available as a component of the Google Apps for Education environment. It allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real-time with other users. It may be easy to assume that you already know all there is to know about Google Docs, however, there are a lot of valuable options hidden in the menus that may be of use to you, and the tool is continually being updated. This session is appropriate for beginners as well as those who use the tool daily. *Please bring your LPS assigned laptop with you.

Google Drawing is an illustration tool found within the Google Apps environment, providing a graphical creation tool for all LPS staff and students. Google Drawing has basic text, shape, and image manipulation tools offering a creative outlet for displays of knowledge, or a templated workspace. Items created in Google Drawings are available in Docs, Sheets and Slides. Like all tools found in the Google Apps Suite, it allows for easy sharing between staff and students, and saves all work within Google Drive by default, reducing the amount of instructional time used on document management tasks. *Please bring your LPS assigned laptop with you.

Google Drive is the productivity suite for LPS students and serves as a core component of Chromebooks in the classroom. This cloud-based environment includes word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, and drawing tools as well as many other components. Teachers must be able to create documents, send and receive invitations to share documents, organize Google resources as well as recognize appropriate sharing settings that limit the audience to those who should see shared items. This session will give you these important foundational skills. *Please bring your LPS assigned laptop with you.

Google frequently updates their tools, so even if you use LPS Google Drive a lot it is likely that you haven’t seen many of the features you have available to you. This session goes “beyond the basics” in LPS Google Drive. If you are comfortable with the tool and want to learn more, bring your teacher laptop and get ready to stretch your knowledge!

Google Sheets is a cloud based spreadsheet tool available as a component of the Google Apps for Education environment. We will cover standard spreadsheet functionalities as well as looking at options specific to Google sheets. If you need to keep track of information, Sheets is a tool that would benefit you! *Please bring your LPS assigned laptop with you.

Google Slides is a slide deck tool available to all LPS staff and students in the Google Apps for Education environment. Beyond offering all standard presentation functionalities, this cloud-based tool can be used for any task that benefits from a structured display of information, creative displays of knowledge, or a templated workspace. It features collaborative options, allows for easy sharing between staff and students, and saves all work within Google Drive by default, reducing the amount of instructional time used on document management tasks. It is a valuable tool for LPS teachers and students. *Please bring your LPS assigned laptop with you.

Google Forms is a structured data collection tool found within the Google Drive environment, providing LPS staff and students the ability to create surveys or forms for collecting data on any topic. Opportunity exists for teachers to gather formative information and create classroom surveys or for students to learn about data collection processes. All data collected in Google Forms is saved within Google Drive by default. Learn how to create a form, and find the data it collects. *Please bring your LPS assigned laptop with you.

Hapara Dashboard is the part of Hapara that offers teachers a snapshot view of what their students are seeing and doing (and who they are sharing work with) in their Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.), as well as the ability to share documents to students in one or more classes with just a few clicks using the Smart Copy tool. Teachers will appreciate the ability to search and find items in their student’s Drive and quickly view sharing settings and progress being made on individual Drive items. Hapara Highlights is another part of Hapara that offers nearly real-time views of the Chromebook browser screens of individual students in the courses they teach, as well as screens that show overall class activity. Teachers can also focus student work through limiting browsing to web pages the teacher specifies. Hapara is a core tool for LPS Connected Classrooms. *Please bring your LPS assigned laptop with you.

In this session, we’ll explore strategies to efficiently grade and provide feedback within Google for Education tools, with an emphasis on writing feedback. While not required, a basic understanding of Google Docs, Google Classroom, and Google Forms will aid understanding.

If you’re a beginner at Microsoft Excel or want to review the basic concepts, this session is for you. Learn the skills you need to create a spreadsheet, including formatting and basic calculations. Most Excel features are the same on Mac & Windows so users familiar with either platform are welcomed. Topics will be viewed from the perspective of an office professional. Teachers may want to look in the catalog for a different session titled ‘Basic Spreadsheet Skills for Teachers’ instead.

The Apple iPad has been one of the most rapidly adopted technologies of all time. iPads can be found in the hands of LPS employees of all areas, from classroom teachers to administrators. This session seeks to offer guidance on basic use and answer questions about appropriate use in our school environment. If you have a new device, please make sure that the device is ready for use prior to class (work with Computing Services Helpdesk). iPADS ARE NOT PROVIDED.

The classroom tablet component of the Connected Classroom as outlined in the LPS Tech Plan is the Apple iPad. This session is an introduction to ways in which the iPad can be used as a whiteboard, document camera, recording device, and more! We will also look at the Justand V2 and discuss strategies for moving files back and forth between your LPS teacher laptop and the classroom iPad. iPADS ARE NOT PROVIDED.

Learn how to step through the mail merge & label tools in Microsoft Office and Google Docs, marrying a spreadsheet and a word processing document to create lovely letters or labels. We will use data from the AS400 and Synergy as examples, and throw in some printing tips for good measure. Topics will be viewed from the perspective of an office professional.

This one hour session will provide training on MyVRSpot, a video management solution for hosting and sharing user-created media (videos, images, audio files, documents, and more). This session will focus on learning the basic features of the tool and will prepare you to begin uploading and sharing media, creating groups, managing content and student users within the tool. MyVRSpot is a core tool for LPS Connected Classrooms. *Please bring your LPS assigned laptop with you.

This class is recommended for new office staff who will be responsible for ordering supplies, current office staff who will be assuming or providing back up help, and current office staff wanting a refresher. Participants are trained in the use of Purchasing Applications on the AS400 and the web. Topics include stock requisitions, bid cycle requisitions, non-stock requisitions, requisition lookup, printing requisitions, purchase order lookup, JuneBox (School Specialty), Office Depot and the Electronic Order Verification System.

In this 1-hour session, you will see how Pear Deck allows you to layer opportunities for active participation into your existing Google Slide decks through the addition of audience responses. Pear Deck also allows for teacher control over the pace and presentation of content on student screens, and the ability to quickly preview responses individually or as a group. Please bring your LPS teacher laptop and a slide deck that you can play with to start exploring Pear Deck’s features.

School Messenger, the LPS Mass Notification system, enables school administrators to record, schedule, send, and track voice and email messages to students, parents, and staff in minutes. School Administrators and designated staff can quickly and reliably reach the entire building community using just a telephone. This session will review the application feature set, the procedures and best practice that will be applied when using School Messenger.

School administrators and designated personnel working in schools with installed hallway security cameras are encouraged to learn about the software used to manage and monitor their use. You will learn how to access scanned footage, mark recordings for download and review and also discuss best practices of use.

  • Synergy for Elementary Attendance Office Staff
  • Synergy for Elementary Registrars
  • Synergy for Secondary Attendance Office Staff
  • Synergy for Middle School APs
  • Synergy for Middle School Counselors
  • Synergy for Middle School Registrars
  • Synergy for High School Counselors
  • Synergy for High School Registrars
  • Synergy for High School Office Technicians

LPS Staff with authorization to Synergy SIS will learn the basic navigation of the platform along with searching for students, adding shortcuts to your navigation bar and running basic reports.

This class is for staff who use Synergy SIS on a regular basis and feel prepared to dive into the system a bit further. Participants will learn about the job queue, how to schedule recurring jobs, how to create and use filters effectively, and much more!

Attendance, Grade Book, Communications, etc.

Synergy is the LPS Student Information system which also includes a component called TeacherVUE. TeacherVUE (TVUE) is used by teachers for attendance tracking, assignments, gradebook, seating charts, class communications, data analysis and posting for progress reports and report cards. This session will include an orientation to these core components which are critical for all classroom teachers. *Please bring your LPS assigned laptop with you.

Analysis, SIS Navigation, Reports, Grade Book Tips, etc.

TeacherVUE, the Synergy tool for Teachers, has many features that go beyond the basics. This session will look at useful tools in the grade book, analysis tool for test history, basics of SIS navigation, running reports and other tips to make teachers more efficient users of Synergy.

This session will show the school-to-home communication tools that are part of the Synergy platform: LMS Pages, Email communications, and Streams. LMS Pages allows teachers to quickly and easily create a class website which can include YouTube videos available to students on the LPS network, threaded conversations between you and your students via Streams, and other resources built in an easy to use drag and drop interface. *Please bring your LPS assigned laptop with you.

Teachers will learn how to build an assessment in Synergy.  Assessment results can be viewed for analysis and the scores can automatically flow to the gradebook – teacher’s choice!

Spend an hour being introduced to WeVideo, a cloud-based video editing tool with a simple interface, and advanced possibilities. With all of the robust editing tools, transitions, motion effects, green screen, voice-over abilities, free soundtrack library and more, it is ideal for LPS students on Chromebooks. Teachers, administrators and staff will find that the screencasting & recording tools address many of their needs as well. This session focuses on learning the basic features of the tool, and should prepare you to begin creating your own video projects. *Please bring your LPS assigned laptop with you.

This class will provide an overview of basic use and best practice with LPS WordPress for websites. Writing and formatting online content is easy with WordPress. LPS staff members can begin creating pages and posts immediately. Teachers should bring their own laptops, though WordPress works on any computer with internet access. For more information visit keyword: wordpress

This session is NOT for teacher websites, it is for elementary & middle school building website managers. You’ll learn how to maintain a website based upon LPS school website standards. Learn how to manage sidebar content, menus, and staff list. You’ll also see how to manage your calendar, add newsletters to your site using DocuShare and post announcements using the POST feature of WordPress.

Zimbra is the full-featured and easy-to-use mail and calendar product used in Lincoln Public Schools. This session will provide a demonstration of basic use, features and best practices with the email and calendar tools. Please bring your laptops if applicable. For more information visit keyword: zimbra

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Workshops are offered year-round. A list of our current offerings is available for registration in LPS Performance Matters.

  • If you have been provided a laptop by LPS, please bring it to every workshop you attend.

  • Computing Services does not determine FLEX eligibility. Check with your specific curricular area for details on which sessions may qualify toward your district FLEX plan.


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