Teaching & Learning with Technology

CLASS Conference 2019

As teachers adapt to technology being as pervasive as textbooks, the CLASS Conference intends to provide professional learning that will meet the needs of teachers still emerging in their use of technology as well as the teachers that have been teaching with it for some time. 

The CLASS Conference will repeat on three dates, with six slots per day.

June 6

June 20

July 17

at Southwest HS

A Joint Production of LPS
Computing Services
Library Media

Sessions to choose from...

  • Hapara Dashboard & Highlights
    Digital classroom management tools for Chromebook classrooms. 
  • Synergy Gradebook & Google Classroom Integration
    Learn about the new integration between two of the most used LPS tools.
  • MyVRSpot Basics
    The best place to keep and share video resources for your classroom.

  • MyVRSpot – Sharing & Publishing
    Once you get the hand of MyVRSpot, you might be interested in some of the sharing & publishing possibilities.
  • WeVideo Basics
    Teachers & students create & edit videos like a pro, without needing to be a pro.

  • WeVideo – Green Screen & More
    Spend time investigating WeVideo’s powerful green screen tool and mobile app.
  • Kami
    The PDF tool you didn’t know was in Google Drive
  • Chrome
    Tips to optimize the use of our favorite browser.
  • Digital Content & Databases
    Online reference, magazine, journal, news, and video resources for K-12 students.
  • Synergy Assessments
    Learn how to wield the district’s supported tool for digital, summative assessments.
  • Google Classroom
    The most popular and most used classroom tool for classroom workflow.
  • Google Forms
    Collect and provide feedback and use branching to inform teaching. 

  • Google Slides
    It’s not just a Google PowerPoint.

  • Synergy LMS Pages
    Web pages inside of Synergy created by you for your students & parents.
  • Grading/Feedback in G Suite
  • Use G Suite tools to close the feedback loop. 

  • eBooks
    OverDrive and more eBook options for students and teachers.
  • Google Drawing
    No DRAWING skills necessary. Create all of the visuals your classroom needs. 
  • Copyright & Fair Use
    Learn about copyright and how fair use encourages creativity.
  • Connected Classroom Equipment Walkthrough
    Your classroom tech has been updated. See it, hear it, and interact with it.
  • Synergy Gradebook, Rubrics & Drop Box
    You use it every day, but you may not know of these important options.

  • Google Drive Sharing & Organization
    Strategies for organizing, sharing, and collaborating on digital files of any type. 

  • Google Sheets
  • All of the usefulness, none of the intimidation.

  • Google Docs
    Create, share, and collaborate on digital documents.
  • Pear Deck
    Layer opportunities for active participation into your existing Google Slide decks.

  • Seesaw for iPads
    Learn how students can document, share, and reflect on learning over time.
  • Seesaw for Chromebooks
    Learn how students can document, share, and reflect on learning over time.
  • K-1 CLASS Plan iPad Apps
    Enhance instruction and engage students with iPads in your classroom.
  • NoodleTools
    A research package for note taking, outlining, and citing sources.

  • Digital Citizenship in LPS
  • Explore the concepts of digital citizenship in your classroom and school community.

  • Video for Reflection in LPS
    How to improve your teaching practices using the new video reflection tool.
  • Screencasting
    Use Zoom, MyVRSpot, and WeVideo to capture and create screencasts. 

  • Google Keep
    Love your sticky notes? Move them into the cloud so they follow you anywhere!

  • Supporting Students with Disabilities using Assistive Technology
    Learn Read & Write Google, Chromebook Extensions, Apps & Websites to support Reading, Writing and Math.

  • Zoom
    Using video conferencing to reach parents, experts and others – easy as 1-2-3


There is no cost to attend the CLASS Conference sessions, but a limited number of seats are available in each course offering. You must register through Performance Matters for each session you wish to attend.

District or Building Professional Learning “credit” may be available for some (or all) sessions offered at the CLASS Conference as determined by your Principal (building) or curriculum specialist (district). Properly signing up in Performance Matters will help you keep track of what you attended.

Plans Changed?
Please be considerate of colleagues and register only for sessions you actually plan to attend, and unenroll as soon as any conflicts arise to free up your seat for others.

Build-Your-Own Schedule!
All of the sessions being offered are 1 hour in length and many of the most popular workshops will be offered multiple times during the day to allow the greatest flexibility in choosing sessions that fit your schedule. You can sign up for exactly what you need! Build the schedule that makes sense for you by registering for the sessions of your choosing. Feel free to come back for a second or third day and learn more!

Remember you are creating your own personal schedule for the day, so make note of what sessions you registered for. Session leaders will not be able to look up your registrations for you. See the section below for installing the Performance Matters mobile app, if you are curious.

Mobile Schedule

To have access to your schedule without visiting the Performance Matters website, you might want to install the Performance Matters mobile app on a device that you plan to bring to the conference. To do so:

1. Download the app for your device:


2. To login, use your LPS credentials and the LPS code: 


Questions about sessions?
Kristi Peters (kristi@lps.org)

Questions about the registration process in Performance Matters?
Professional Development at 402-436-1851



Lincoln Southwest High School
MAP: 7001 South 14th St, 68512

Parking Map
Room Map

Daily Schedule

8:00 - 9:00 AM
Session 1
9:10 - 10:10 AM
Session 2
10:20 - 11:20 AM
Session 3
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Session 4
1:30 - 2:30 PM
Session 5
2:40 - 3:40 PM
Session 6


Please bring your LPS assigned laptop. 

If you are a new-to-LPS employee you can sign up for sessions with a “guest” account. Bring your own laptop, but you may be limited to observing sessions, depending upon the tool and your status in the onboarding process.

Lunch is NOT provided.
There is a 60 minute window between sessions 4 & 5 in which you might leave the building and visit any of the surrounding food options.

Dress in layers.
The air conditioning can be tricky in large buildings in the summer. It gets chilly sometimes!