Acknowledgement of Information Technology Rules & Procedures

I acknowledge that I have access to the Lincoln Public Schools website and have reviewed the Information Technology Rules & Procedures as authorized by Lincoln Public Schools Board Regulation 3550.2.

I agree to comply with Lincoln Public Schools Board Policy 6441, Technology Resources and Internet Safety Policy. I will “respect the copyright, patent and proprietary rights of any materials accessed through the District’s network system or technology resources” as stated in Board Policy 6442, Plagiarism, Copyrights and Patents.

I agree to use the information that is classified as Sensitive or Confidential only for performing my required duties for Lincoln Public Schools. I will not distribute, provide to unauthorized persons, nor store on unauthorized systems information classified as Sensitive or Confidential.

I understand that the Instructional Technology Tools Selection Rule and Procedure is an integral part of required Information Security Practices and I agree to use with students only those tools that have been approved through this process.

I will not share my password with anyone, will not allow others to use my account, and will not use the account of another user. If I suspect that another person knows my password or otherwise has access to my account I will follow the procedure to change my password and notify the Information Security Office <>.

I understand that my compliance with all Information Technology Rules is an important role in securing the data and systems of Lincoln Public Schools, and that failure to comply with these rules may result in disciplinary action.