Computing Services

Technology Survival Guide

The content of this page is a digital representation of the “LPS Technology Survival Guide” information shared at new teacher orientations and other situations.

We have a keyword ‘shortcut’ system throughout the LPS website. Type the keywords mentioned below in the keyword field at the top right of most pages to quickly access specific pages on the site.


LPS Information

Staff Center
From the main website, click the Staff Center tab at the right end of the top menu. You’ll find all of the front page news here, as well as links to most of the LPS web resources you need.

The LPS website has thousands of pages, but a handful of them are accessible directly with a KEYWORD typed into the keyword/search box in the top right corner of Here are a handful (not mentioned already in this document) that might be useful to teachers…

Information Center for Employees (ICE)
keyword: ice
The LPS Information Center for Employees (ICE) will show you all of your paycheck information, along with W2, Online Benefit Information, Employee ID, and a growing list of employee information. Your 6-digit employee ID is the number required for using the Xerox MFDs (printing, copying, faxing, scanning) in our district.

Time and Attendance
keyword: tas
Time and Attendance (TAS) is used to record the hours worked for “non-exempt” staff as well as to request, view and verify time and absences for ALL staff. You can only access the TAS website from an LPS building.

keyword: subs or absence
This is where most staff members submit absences so that they are properly entered into TAS and teachers request a substitute.

Student Learning & Information Management
keyword: SLIM
The LPS Student Learning & Instructional Management (SLIM) page provides a one-stop-shop for links to information about systems that manage/report student data for the district. LPS users Synergy by EduPoint as our Student Information System. The SLIM page contains instructions by role (office, admin, teacher, etc)

CLASS Plan (Connected Learning for the Achievement of Students and Staff)
keyword: classplan
LPS believes that technology extends learning opportunities, increases productivity, and promotes greater effectiveness. A plan is in place that should allow all LPS staff and students access to the tools necessary to take advantage of greater access to technology. If you want to keep tabs on the official LPS Technology Plan – also known as the “CLASS Plan” – visit the link above to learn more.

Instructional Technology Tools (ITT)
keyword: ITT
High-quality instructional technology is an important tool for improving student achievement and preparing them for adult success. Teacher creativity and passion drive instructional innovations, and the District intends to provide advice for teachers, families and students about the use of instructional technology tools. Our goal is to efficiently identify Instructional Technology Tools that are safe for student use, support district learning goals, and encourage innovative teaching and learning. Want to understand “the why?” See this link for additional rationale.

ITT Matrix
keyword: MATRIX
After identifying an instructional need, teachers and school leaders are encouraged to review the LPS Instructional Technology Tool Matrix when considering a tool. The Matrix catalogs the applications, extensions, websites and other digital tools that have been reviewed by the District ITT Evaluation Committee. This matrix provides school leaders and teachers with additional information connecting research-based instructional strategies, tool functionality and curricular connections.

Web Content Filtering in LPS
Federal regulations require the restriction of access to specific types of web content. LPS employees may enter their LPS credentials to access many web pages not allowed to students. This is known as “Role Based Authentication” and respects an educator’s right to make professional decisions about the content you access. Learn more about this process and the LPS Board of Education Policies and Regulations it relates to on this page.

Technology Support & Skill Development

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Technology Helpdesk & Regional Support Technicians
keyword: help
The LPS Helpdesk (click Help) is the place to start with work-related technology issues. LPS also has regional Support Technicians that will be dispatched to your location when necessary. Whenever you require technology support, a Help Desk ticket via the web is the preferred method but you are welcome to contact the Help Desk directly when necessary (7am-5pm) at 402-436-1735.

Training and Support
keyword: help
This is the page that brings you all the training and support materials offered by LPS Computing Services. The Apps link in the top right takes you to a page with more information about all of the software we support as a district and the Talk link takes you to our discussion forums where you can ask questions or dialog with other users. You can also search for any software title in the keyword/search box of the LPS website.

Staff Development Catalog (CourseWhere)
keyword: RSP5
The LPS Staff Development department utilizes an online catalog that lists the latest offerings in all areas of Staff Development, including curriculum and technology workshops. If you have questions on its use, contact Staff Development at 402-436-1851.

Atomic Learning
keyword:  atomic
LPS subscribes to Atomic Learning – a set of self paced tutorials on dozens of pieces of popular software. Atomic Learning is a tremendous asset to our community, available for LPS staff AND students AND family members.  LPS staff members and LPS students login with their own username & password using the link from the Staff Center page. Non-LPS staff share a single username that we can provide upon request in a Helpdesk ticket.

Communication & Productivity

Web Broswer
Most LPS applications are accessed via a web browser. Teachers may use any web browser that fits the task/application. LPS encourages the use of Google Chrome, as that will offer the best environment for modeling to students using Chromebooks. Always identify the web browser that you are using when requesting support.

Zimbra Email, Calendar, Contacts
keyword: zimbra
Zimbra allows LPS employees to access their email, calendar and contacts from any location using any platform.

LPS Google Drive & Docs
keyword: goog
LPS Google Drive and Docs are available to staff and students for instructional use or for professional productivity. To access LPS Google Docs, enter keyword GOOG on the LPS website. To learn more about using LPS Google Docs, look for staff development sessions or enter keyword: GDOCS.

keyword: PGBO
There is a little ‘J‘ icon immediately to the right of the Keyword search box on It is our LPS “JumpCode” tool, a URL shortener made with elementary teachers in mind. A document explaining how to create JumpCodes can be found by entering JumpCode PGBO on the LPS website.

Printing, Copying, Scanning, Faxing
keyword: print or copy
To access documentation and video tutorials on how to print to MFDs or the LPS Print Center, use the MFD to make copies, or scan items to DocuShare, enter keyword COPY or PRINT on the LPS website.

keyword: docushare
DocuShare is the main location for storing and sharing files for professional retention. Login to DocuShare with your LPS user name and password. At the top right of the screen click HELP for how-to documents and video tutorials.

Web Page Tools in LPS
Much more information…
It is expected that all teachers in LPS have a web footprint that parents, students, colleagues and community can access. The degree to which teachers develop this web footprint will vary by role, grade level, content area, and need. All teachers should begin by completing a “Profile.” Most teachers will also create an “LMS Page” within Synergy. Information about both of these tools is found in the link above.

Digital Content Resources / Subscription Services
LPS subscribes to a number of resources that put rich digital content at your fingertips. These are not your average web pages – they are web-based content produced by professional organizations geared towards K-12 classrooms. Look for links to them on the Library Media Services page or speak to your building Media Specialist for resources your building may subscribe to individually.