Audio Enhancement – Classroom Microphones


During the Spring of 2016, the LPS Board of Education approved a plan to install integrated audio systems from Audio Enhancement in every LPS classroom across the district. The systems distribute audio throughout the classroom enabling all students to hear the lesson from anywhere in the room. Research tells us that improving the ability for all students to easily hear the teacher has a tighter correlation to evidence of learning than any other technology available.

Tips for Getting Started

  • Wear the teacher mic (“teardrop” – on the lanyard) every day.
  • Position the teacher mic approximately 4-6 inches from the mouth.
  • Make sure the volume is set correctly. As a general rule, if you can hear yourself through the speakers, the volume is too high. Your goal is to evenly distribute your voice across the room, not to amplify it.
  • Charge the teacher mic nightly. (Make sure that the charger is plugged in right side up – the arrow on the body of the microphone, and the connector should match up)
  • Power off your mic when you leave the classroom so that it does not get ‘picked up’ by other classrooms as you pass by.
  • If you have students with hearing impairments that require the teacher to wear a mic, you will have to wear both as one system does not feed the other.

Microphone Types

There are two types of microphone technology in use in LPS Connected Classrooms. IR & XD. They behave the same way from the teacher’s perspective. They look different, and are chosen for each learning space based upon the physical makeup of the room.

IR Teardrop Mic

IR Handheld Mic

XD Teacher Mic

XD Handheld Mic

IR Technology
IR microphones send signals to the receiver using infrared light. IR microphones are ideal for the typical, four-walled classroom, with a minimal amount of windows. IR microphones stay contained within the walls of the room in which they are installed, so privacy and interference with other classrooms are not a concern. If your installation will cover many classrooms grouped closely together in an indoor space, IR microphones are the ideal solution.
XD Technology
XD microphones transmit data digitally to their receiver. XD Technology is ideal for open plan classrooms, tech labs, woodshops, classrooms with large windows, large spaces, and even outdoor learning spaces. XD microphones are specifically paired to a particular receiver, meaning that teachers could enter another room wearing their microphone without causing interference. Due to the receivers being paired to microphones on specific channels, more than one teacher microphone and one handheld microphone can be used within the same large space.
IR Support

XD Support

Connecting Multimedia Devices to Audio Enhancement Systems

You are able to connect a multimedia device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) to an Audio Enhancement system.

  1. Obtain a standard audio cable that has a 3.5 mm stereo plug on both ends. (Example)
  2. Connect one end of the cable to the AUDIO IN port on the microphone, and the other end of the cable to the headphone output on the multimedia device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.).
    This will mute the internal microphone of the microphone.
  3. Use the volume control on the multimedia device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) to set the playback level of the system.