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Substitute News:

Thank you to all the substitutes who attended the 2019-20 Substitute Kick-Off Conference!  Your participation at the conference is important to us, and we value your interest and desire to participate in the LPS learning community.  Human Resources would like to personally thank all that attended the conference, including our substitute paraprofessionals.

Committed to you,
Vann, Bess and Kren

August 2, 2019 Substitute Kick-Off Conference attendees: Jane Aalborg, Carol Ann Anderson, Joanna Andrews, Beth Baker, Judy Bartels, Roy Bartels, Jamie Beaner, Gwen Bell, Lorie Berndt, Adeline Berry, Gloria Best, Lori Blum, Mary Jean Blumstock, Jody Bogner, Barbara Bossaers, Julie Bowman, Colleen Buecker, Andrew Carter, Stefanie Dick, Deborah Dilbeck, Patrick Donahue, Regan Downey, Kelly Dugdale, Geoffrey Duncombe, Sally Dunham, Jennifer Elitzin, Mary Feehan, Tricia Florea, Russ Freeman, Bobbi French, Patti Fusselman, Chris Gay, Cheryl Gonnerman, Lisa Hensen, John Heineman, Delfina Hernandez Perez, Delwin Hodgin, Sigrid Horner, Kelley Hovelsrud, Adam Hunt, Rebecca Jansen, Amy Jensen, Sook Young Jun, Joan Kamerzell, Nancy Kennedy, Patrick Kirkland, Cheryl Krueger, Gayle Krueger, John Linke, Bev Loseke, Craig Madson, Sherrie Manning, Doug Martin, Amanda Mason, Kent Mattson, Ruth McDonald, Sarah Medich, Steven Menke, Debbie Miller, Cynthia Mohr, Shirley Montgomery, Carrie Mullendore, Elizabeth Naveja, Samuel Nelson, Sheila Nelson, Katherine Nuss, Sue Oldfield, Candace Orton, Vic Pearson, Cindy Peterson, Molly Phemister, Ross Pickel, Christine Read, Norman Regier, Linda Reigle, Cheryl Rongish, Judy Rung, Judith Schneider, Pamela Schumacher, Eileen Scovill, Carrie Scribner, Pat Shepard, Brenda Smidt, Jane Sonneland, Marilyn Stadler, Rae Stanley, Theresa Stehlik, Barbara Sullivan, Rich Summers, Diane Swinscoe, Drucilla Sypal, Kim Szelag, Christopher Traynor, Kellee Van Arsdall, Karen Veal, Rachel Veenendaal, Beth Wagoner, Mary Wenzl, Julie Youngblood, Gina Zabloudil, Liz Zeff, and Courteney Zwiebel.



Substitutes are to read and be familiar with the Substitute Teacher Handbook – Guide to Successful Substitute Teaching. Be sure to review the Safety and Security section which includes information about standard response protocols, infection control, and food allergies and the Working with Students section with information on Reporting Child Abuse and Harassment policies. There is valuable information for substitute teachers throughout the entire handbook.

Substitutes are also responsible for knowing the information in the Hourly Employee Handbook.  Substitute teachers are highly encouraged to review both handbooks annually.  Links to both the Substitute Teacher Handbook and the Hourly Employee Handbook are found below.


Substitute Essential Information for Success

Substitute Teacher Advisor Committee, Conferences, and Important Dates

Technology Assistance

Technology as a tool used in teaching and learning is no longer a “sometimes” thing. It is an “every day” thing in LPS. These changes place new expectations on the substitute teachers who keep things running smoothly while our classroom teachers are away. Following is a link to a page that contains helpful resources for substitute teachers who are getting started using some of the most commonly used tech tools across LPS. Subs are also welcome to attend any workshop offered by Computing Services in the catalog. [Note: workshops held in the labs at LPSDO enable a computer for substitute use.] 

Chromebook Orientation for Substitute Teachers: To further support instruction for LPS, substitute teachers have the option of checking out a Chromebook from Computing Services. Basic orientation and Chromebook distribution sessions are offered throughout the year. Sign up for a session time via the LPS Professional Learning Catalog.

To sign up: Go to Professional Learning and log in. Search for Course #24195 and register. If you have questions regarding these sessions, please email Kristi Peters at

For more information click here.

Other Sites/Resources

Substitute Teacher Applicants

Substitute Teacher applications are now being accepted for the 2019-20 school year. Please visit the job listings page to apply.

Please see the LPS Employment Opportunities web page to sign up for the Job Alerts weekly email of job listings. 

To apply or view the current list of employment opportunities, click here to enter the Lincoln Public Schools Recruitment SystemCarefully review the three substitute teacher applications described below to select the position you are eligible for (do not apply for more than one). Applying for the wrong position can delay the hiring process.

  • Certified Substitute Teachers are individuals who hold a bachelor degree or higher in education (or will be graduating soon) and have (or are in the process of getting) a Nebraska teaching certificate. Some teaching certificate examples are: Professional, Standard, Initial, and State Substitute.
  • Certified Substitute Teachers – Current, Former, or Retired Teachers are individuals who have been hired as certified employees (current or former) with Lincoln Public Schools. Must have a valid Nebraska teaching certificate. (This application does not require transcripts or retaking the Gallup survey as part of the application process.)
  • Local Substitute Teachers are individuals who hold a bachelor degree or higher in something other than education or are teacher education students of senior standing preparing to student teach. This permit allows for a student teacher to sub for their cooperating teacher when absent.

In order to prevent processing delays of your application, when completing a substitute teacher application, please be sure to include email addresses for a minimum of three professional teaching references and upload your unofficial transcripts and teaching certificate. Original official transcripts and teaching certificate will be required for Human Resources at the time of hire.

You will also be asked to complete a Gallup online interview called the Teacher Insight Survey. After you submit your application, you will find a link for the Gallup interview located under the Application Status tab of your account.

Only complete applications will be processed and can take up to 4-6 weeks to finalize. Incomplete applications will be reviewed every two weeks and will be closed if still incomplete. Applicants will be notified via email when they are ready for hire.

Local Substitute Teacher Applicant Information

Local substitute teachers are those who hold a bachelor degree or higher in something other than education or are teacher education students of senior standing preparing to student teach.

Local Substitute Requirements

Local Substitute Teacher Orientations

After applying for the Local Substitute Teacher position, applicants must attend a mandatory orientation before being considered for employment. Orientations will be held from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the LPS district office on the following dates:

  • Friday – May 3, 2019, 1st semester (Fall 2019) student teachers are encourage to attend-COMPLETE
  • Thursday – August 15, 2019-COMPLETE
  • Tuesday – September 24, 2019-COMPLETE
  • Thursday – October 3, 2019-COMPLETE
  • Friday – November 8, 2019-COMPLETE
  • Friday – December 6, 2019-OPEN FOR REGISTRATION
  • Thursday – January 9, 2020-OPEN FOR REGISTRATION
  • Monday – February 3, 2020-OPEN FOR REGISTRATION

Local Sub Orientation Packet

To register:  AFTER you have submitted the LPS Local Substitute Teacher application, email the orientation date you would like to attend to Kren Shellhase at with “Orientation Registration” in the subject line. Kren will confirm your registration via email.

Teacher Education Students:

  • Should attend an orientation session the semester prior to student teaching.
  • Should attend an orientation session in a timely manner to allow the 6 to 8 week certification process to be completed early in the semester of student teaching.
  • Meet the Nebraska Department of Education Human Relations requirement before applying to the NDE for certification.
  • MUST complete the LPS Local Substitute application prior to registering for the orientation.

Human Resources support staff contacts:

  • Certified substitutes (i.e. Teacher, Nurse, Psychologist, SLP):  Kren Shellhase,, 402-436-1588
  • Paraeducator substitutes: Tenisa Hall,, 402-436-1583
  • OT/PT, Health Tech, Treatment Nurse substitutes: Stacy Wilkinson,, 402-436-1382
  • Accompanist, Athletic Trainer, Campus Supervisor substitutes: Gina Cookus,, 402-436-1587
  • Office, Transportation, Food Service substitutes: Cherry Cornell,, 402-4361590