Human Resources



Employee Handbooks

Administrative Employment Guidelines
(Revised January 2017)

Certificated Personnel Handbook
(Revised January 2017)

Hourly Employee Handbook
(Revised January 2017)

Classified Employee Handbook
(Revised January 2017)

Addendums to the Classified Handbooks
(Revised January 2017)

Substitute Handbooks

Mentor Handbooks

Mentor New Information Packet 2016-2017
(Revised, September 2016)

Employee Agreements

Certificated Agreement

Professional Agreement Between the Lincoln Public Schools and The Lincoln Education Association 2016-2017 and 2017-2018

 Classified Agreements
16-18 Salary Schedules

Procedural Handbooks / Manuals

Para Tuition Reimbursement
(February 2017)

Principal Appraisal Manual
(Updated August 2014)

Teacher Appraisal Manual
(Updated July 2017)

Intensive Assistance Handbook
(Updated March 2017)

Employee Absence Handbook
(Revised August 2009)

2017-2018 Extra Standard Duty Booklet
(Revised August 2017)

Tuition Credit, Professional Enhancement Fund and PEF Special Projects Fund Handbook
(Revised August 2016)

Best Practices of Student Discipline
(Revised 2008)

Human Resources Bulletins