Risk Management at LPS

Mission and Role

It is the role of Risk Management to maintain a program consistent with all legal requirements pertaining thereto and within the financial capability of the district, providing protection and/or insurance against: loss, damage, or disability as mandated by education, government, labor, insurance, and other pertinent codes of the State of Nebraska, to include but not limited to: loss or damage to real and personal property of the district, liability of the district and/or the personal liability of the governing board and employees of the district for damages to persons or property, including injury or death, losses due to employee dishonesty, and workers’ compensation/employer’s liability.

Program Description

The Risk Management office is responsible for the operation of the district’s insurance and self-insurance program to include: procurement of excess coverage for property and liability, school board liability, excess workers’ compensation and administration of the self-insured unemployment, death benefit program, and Electronic Device Repair and Replacement Program (EDRRP). The office also administers the district damage, loss, and theft program. The Director of Risk Management or designee chairs the Health Care Response Team, the district Safety Committee, mandated by LB 757, and the Driver Review Committee. The Director of Risk Management handles investigations into student, patron, employee, and vehicle accidents and works closely with the excess insurance carriers and legal counsel related to claims.

Contact Us

Risk Management Department
Phone: 402-436-1760
Located on the 3rd floor of District Leadership Center


Kim Miller

Director of Risk Management