Time and Attendance (TAS)


TAS's Implementation for Lincoln Public Schools

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TAS Delivered

Do you need some extra help understanding certain aspects of TAS? Would one-on-one training be beneficial for your staff and/or administrators? Nothing is more comforting than the ‘home field advantage’ so why not have TAS assistance come to you? Diane Regnier, Assistant Payroll Manager, will come to your location to help you learn more about TAS.  ...

March 25, 2015

2014-2015 TAS Schedule & Pay Dates

Access the TAS schedule and pay dates for 2014-2015 on this document. Click here.

July 3, 2014

TAS Summer School Documentation

Summer School Staff Summer School – How Do I Record My Time? Summer School – Substitute – How Do I Record My Time?  Summer School Reviewer and Approver Summer School – How Does the Reviewer Approve the Timesheet? Summer School – How Does the Approver Approve the Timesheet? Summer School Tri-Fold Quick Reference Tri-Fold Quick Reference for Summer School Employees Tri-Fold Quick Reference ...

February 29, 2012

TAS Video Tutorials

  VIDEO TUTORIAL TIPS: Use headphones attached to your computer to hear the audio from the videos. Any headphones will work (computer headphones, MP3 player headphones, ear buds, etc) If sharing the video(s) with a group, connect speakers to the computer playing the video If the video won’t play, go to My Profile and Settings (at the top ...

August 30, 2011

Final Approvers Cheat Sheet

These are the instructions for an administrator to follow so they may submit their site’s timesheets every pay period. (This PDF document may take an extra few seconds to load once opened.) Click here for the Final Approvers Cheat Sheet

October 27, 2010