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We are here to assist all employees with understanding their paychecks and WFM. 

Address Changes

You are able to update your address from any computer on Employee Space in CORE. If you are not familiar with Employee Space, you can

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W-2 Reprints

If you have not given authorization to receive your W-2’s electronically, and need a copy made of your W-2, it will cost $10.00. Call the

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Most Requested Items

Tax Sheltered Annuities

Are now being handled by Union Bank and Trust Retirement Plan Services. If you are interested in enrolling in a TSA-aka 403(B)-please call them at (402) 323-1592.

Payroll Department Contacts

Who we are and what we do. Find the right person to answer your questions! Call 402-436-1710 for personal assistance.

Jessica Jefferson, Director of Accounting and Payroll, (402) 436-1706

Stacy Storant, Payroll Manager, (402) 436-1774–Paying Administrators, Processing Payroll and W-2’s

McKinsey Petersen, Assistant Payroll Manager, (402) 436-1773– Paying Technicians,  Nebraska State Retirement Reporting, Processing Payroll, Disability Claims

Amy Wudtke, Payroll Technician (402) 436-1772–Paying all Certificated Staff, Nutrition Services, Garnishments and Child Support Withholdings, Long-term Absences

Maria Smith, Payroll Technician, (402) 436-1771–Paying Paraeducators, Maintenance, and Custodians, Workman’s Compensation, Voluntary Employee Deductions (United Way, Association Dues, Credit Union)

Heather McNear, Payroll Technician, (402) 436-1764 Payroll Specialist–Paying Substitutes, Transportation, Office and Coaches, Audits, WFM Contact for Payroll

Holly Kafonek, Payroll Specialist, (402) 436-1714–Direct Deposit Requests, W-4 Changes, Wage Verifications, Tracking Conference Time