2020 W4 Information and Instructions

When completing your W4 for 2020, see link below for instructions.  

Currently, you cannot select “exempt” status on your W4 through CORE. If you want to claim a status of “exempt” on your W4, please print it out, write “exempt” on it and bring your W4 to the Payroll Department. If you are currently claiming “exempt” from prior years and you want to now have taxes withheld, you will have to call the Payroll Department. The Payroll Department is the only one that can add or remove the “exempt” status. If you have made changes to your W4 “exempt” status since January 1st, 2020, you will need to contact the Payroll Department. The Payroll Department can be reached at 402-436-1710 or payroll@lps.org.