Connected Learning for the Achievement of Students and Staff

Systems for Learning

StudentLogin800LPS supports effective instruction by purposefully reviewing and updating relevant, engaging, and viable curricular resources. Curricular content will increasingly be organized and delivered in digital formats requiring devices, facilities, training and staffing.

LPS supports the efficient and effective work of all staff by reviewing and purposefully upgrading the technology and other tools essential to management, collaboration, and both internal and external communication, along with the necessary training and support.

What this means…

People often focus on the devices they have in their hand during a digital conversion. That makes sense because it is the tangible “thing” that they touch the most. However, there is a lot of work that goes into making sure the learning, productivity, and management of data done with that device is as seamless and frustration free as possible. This looks like:

  • A Student Information Systems (SIS) that holds the critical data needed by various LPS staff, parents, and students
  • Digital curriculum and supporting resources chosen to deliver content
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) that help teachers organize digital classroom workflow
  • Capacity (Storage) to store student work over time in digital portfolios
  • and much more…

Learn more about Student Learning and Instructional Management (SLIM) systems at LPS


  • Implementation of new Sixth Grade Math Curriculum: GoMath!
  • Implementation of District Professional Development System
  • Deeper implementation of Google Apps for Education
  • Deeper implementation of Synergy SIS
  • Other Digital Curriculum: Subject to CCIP Timeline
  • Selection & Implementation of a Learning Management System