Parent Acknowledgement (PA) of Instructional Technologies in LPS Classrooms

Prior to the use of any computing devices (Chromebooks, iPads, or any other computer) by a student, LPS must gather an acknowledgement from the students’ parent or legal guardian that they confirm their understanding of a few things.

  • It clearly indicates to parents that their child will be using devices in the school building that can access the internet.
  • Acknowledges our agreement with the parents of the minors in our care regarding digital identity, data privacy, and information security at LPS.
  • The signature of the parent/guardian serves as consent to allow LPS to manage which ITTs (Instructional Technology Tools) may gather PII (Personally Identifiable Information) about their child, per COPPA, FERPA, PPRA, and other Federal and State laws. This consent was previously collected on the Student Census paperwork, but is now collected here.
  • Establishes that use of the devices is a privilege and students must demonstrate appropriate caution and responsibility when using them.

This parental acknowledgement is gathered once per grade band (elementary, middle, high school) per student.

If a parent returns the paperwork to school with a “NO” response, a building administrator will contact the parents to discuss the impact this may have on their child’s learning environment.

The form signed by parents is slightly different at elementary than secondary schools, due to the difference in use of student devices. Secondary students take devices home at night, elementary students do not.

Parent Acknowledgement (PA) of Instructional Technologies in LPS Classrooms


Students are also challenged to make responsible use of the technology they are assigned through a Responsible Use Agreement.

If you have any follow-up questions about the learning technology used in LPS classrooms, please reach out to your school Principal or use the “Questions and Comments” button on the front of the LPS website (