Students – Learning with Technology

Chromebook Tips for Students

This page has helpful information about your Chromebook and the tools teachers may ask you to use in LPS.

If you’re having difficulty, it’s okay. Stay positive. Be persistent. Stay engaged in your classes and with your teachers, and advocate for your needs. There are people in every building who are able to help!

Problems? Here are some tips.

Most Chromebook problems can be solved without adult assistance. Try these simple steps and see if your problem goes away.

Have an adult help with your Chromebook problems.

You should create a student help ticket if part of your Chromebook is damaged or missing, or if you’ve tried to fix a problem yourself and need some help.

Then keep an eye on your LPS email, because someone from Computing Services will contact you as soon as possible.

Save money!

Every August & September, parents of 6th-12th graders have the opportunity to participate in the LPS Chromebook Assurance Program (CAP). This program is designed to protect you from the full cost of Chromebook repairs and/or replacement.


Student Chromebooks connect to LPS WiFi networks automatically. You do not need to do a thing!

We can’t really help you with WiFi networks at home or other locations, but here are some helpful ideas:

Passwords & Security

No one should ever know your LPS password. (Other than your parents.)

If you think another student knows your password, enter a Help Ticket immediately and LPS will reset that password for you.

Once it has been reset, ask a staff member to look up your new password and tell you what it is.


Technology access is a privilege. All students must abide by a Student Responsible Technology Use Agreement (RUA), or they will face consequences such as losing access to technology. 

Gmail & Google Classroom

If you are a middle or high school student, you will need to check your LPS Gmail account and Google Classroom every single day. Your teachers and other adults will use these tools to communicate with you. Both of them are found in the LPS Portal (

Log in with:

  • your student id
    (for example:
  • Your LPS Password

More information can be found HERE.

eBooks & Databases

Find ebooks by logging into Sora using your LPS username & password.

Find links to encyclopedias and databases on your school’s library web page or through the LPS student Portal.

Have a Learning Space

Ask an adult to help you set up a learning space in your home. Use this space whenever it’s time to learn.

Don’t be surprised when your parent or guardian asks you to make your learning space in a shared area of your home like at the kitchen table, a large kitchen counter, or a desk in a living room or family room. When your learning space is separate from your bedroom and distanced from the television, it triggers your brain that the space is for work and not for play. You really will be more productive.