About the Student Responsible Technology Use Agreement (RUA)

All students abide by a Student Responsible Technology Use Agreement (RUA). The RUA is used differently in elementary than secondary schools.

Secondary RUA

At the beginning of each school year, every middle and high school building has its own processes to re-orient students to District expectations around technology use. This includes the logistical procedures as well as the behavioral expectations around technology use for students.

Beyond these back-to-school lessons, when a student signs into their Chromebook or the LPS portal (where they find all of their learning materials) they are presented with a reminder of those expectations.

The student RUA can be viewed in detail at any time by entering LPS.org keyword: RUA .

EXAMPLE: Responsible Technology Use Agreement for Secondary (Grades 6-12) Students

Elementary RUA

Before using Chromebooks for the first time each year, elementary students across LPS take time to discuss what responsible and appropriate technology use will look like in our classrooms. This might include modeling of how to handle Chromebooks or iPads safely, some digital citizenship conversations, and password security expectations. The student RUA is used by teachers to frame classroom discussions and serves a few important purposes:

  • It is a source document for proactive classroom discussions that instruct students about appropriate behaviors when using devices and network services in the classroom setting, as opposed to the behaviors they may express when using devices in a personal (home) setting.
  • Alignment of behavior protocols and expectations around the use of devices in all classroom settings across the building.
  • Student ownership of personal behaviors and the consequences that can arise from them.

At the end of the discussion, students are asked to sign a “Responsible Use Agreement” which acts as a behavioral contract with their teacher. Students hopefully noticed that the behaviors expected when using technology align closely to the behaviors expected everywhere else in their school.

This process may be done on paper, or via a Google Form, and will be adjusted by the teacher for grade level appropriateness.

EXAMPLE: Responsible Technology Use Agreement for Elementary (Grades K-5) Students

If you have any follow-up questions about the learning technology used in LPS classrooms, please reach out to your school Principal or use the “Questions and Comments” button on the front of the LPS website (www.lps.org).