Digital Citizenship Resources

At Lincoln Public Schools, our commitment to digital citizenship empowers students to navigate the online world with confidence and responsibility. 

To support this goal, we have developed resources for both teachers and families. Digital citizenship instruction is seamlessly integrated into existing curricula, ensuring students develop these essential skills alongside their core academic content. By embedding digital citizenship education into the fabric of our curriculum, we are equipping students with the knowledge and strategies to make informed, responsible choices in the digital realm.

Our Digital Citizenship Committee convenes regularly to review and refine our objectives, ensuring they remain responsive to the needs of students at all grade levels and our changing digital world. This collaborative approach allows us to continuously enhance our program and provide our students with the tools and guidance necessary to foster safe, ethical and effective digital practices.

Parents and community members with questions about digital citizenship implementation for Lincoln Public Schools can contact Dr. Chris Haeffner [], Director of Library Services for more information.