Responsible Use Agreement for Students

I will demonstrate digital citizenship by taking care of any Student Computing Device issued to me by LPS. I agree to return devices in good condition at the end of my loan period.

I will...

use LPS Student Computing Devices to access school assigned content and complete school work in accordance with LPS School Board policies (6441: Technology Resources and Internet Safety) and regulations (6441.1: Acceptable Use of Computers, Network, Internet and Websites)

demonstrate proper care of the device by using the provided protective bag or cover when transporting or storing it

bring the device, fully charged, to school each day

charge the device only with the power cord provided with the device

save all documents and school-related files to approved network servers so that no data will be lost in the event the device must be completely reset

promptly report any damage to the device and/or problems with the operation of the device

report loss or theft within 24 hours to school officials and authorities (Police)

obtain permission from individuals prior to using the device to record them visually or audibly

keep the device free of any decorative writing, drawing, stickers, paint, tape and decals

turn over the device to staff upon request

only use LPS approved Instructional Technology Tools that utilize my LPS username and password (district-approved exceptions will be communicated by the teacher)

keep my LPS username and password private

cite all original source content and derivative works developed using generative artificial intelligence, machine learning, or future technology

I will not...

throw, drop, or damage the LPS Student Computing Device in any way

give the device to another student, friend, or family member for his/her use

use anyone else's username and password at any time.

allow anyone else to use my username and password at any time

allow anyone else to use my device while it is signed into my LPS account

attempt to alter the configuration or user permissions of the device

remove or copy any of the software applications or management/security utilities

leave the device unsupervised (on desk, in hall, in car, etc.)

redistribute any recordings of my teacher or classroom

distribute, exchange, upload, attach, or archive any type of audio/video recordings unless the content has been reviewed and approved by a teacher who directs where the content will be stored

violate copyright laws by downloading or uploading protected data or material

order replacement parts for or have anyone other than LPS personnel fix the device

use any method to bypass web filtering or other content restrictions


Because LPS owns the device, students have no expectation of confidentiality or privacy with respect to the device. LPS may, without prior notice or consent, log into, view, monitor, and record use of the device and any corresponding technology tools at any time for any reason related to the operations of LPS.

View translated versions of the Responsible Use Agreement HERE