Policies, Procedures & Agreements

Technology Related Board of Education Policies

The LPS Board of Education regulates professional performance and student expectations through Policies & Regulations that are enforced by the departments of the District and building Administration. LPS Policy around the digital safety & security of students is primarily found in the following areas:

Information Technology Rules & Procedures

The information technology rules (ITR) and information technology procedures/practices (ITP) describe responsible use and/or expected behavioral norms related to District technology resources.

Digital Protections

LPS cares deeply about our students and goes to great lengths to protect them physically, and also digitally. To learn more about the many, but often invisible ways in which we work to keep our students safe online, we have created this resource.


If you have specific questions about any of our technology related policies, procedures, or culture, we would be happy to talk with you about it. Please reach out to us via the ConnectNow! tool and select “Technology Services.”