Connected Learning for the Achievement of Students and Staff

Planning Process

In May 2011 a community-wide strategic planning committee identified “Technology” as one of five priorities for LPS over the next decade. The Lincoln Board of Education reviewed the suggestions and established a technology strategic planning committee.

In March 2012 this strategic planning subcommittee on technology issues compiled a report of their findings and recommendations for the Board of Education.

They went on to create a framework of identified goals, objectives, and strategies to achieve them.

The LPS Board of Education and Superintendent Steve Joel committed to the goals of developing a plan to address the district’s technology infrastructure needs and developing an action plan to implement the technology committee recommendations and present them to the Board by July 2013.

LPS staff members began the process of assembling an operational plan, prioritizing the ideas from the meetings of the technology subcommittee into actionable steps.

In November 2014 the LPS Board of Education was presented with a 5-year digital conversion plan called the LPS Connected Learning for the Achievement of Students and Staff (CLASS).

The first pilot programs within the CLASS plan began at Culler Middle School and Riley Elementary in August 2014. Over the next 5 years, LPS will move forward with additional components of the plan as possible considering current realities that influence yearly budgets.