Connected Learning for the Achievement of Students and Staff

LPS believes that technology extends the ability to establish, explore and enhance connections that support learning essential to achievement, and increase productivity essential for greater effectiveness.


Student Learning:
Improve learning for all students through engaging experiences that embed technology across all curricular areas.

Effective Teaching:
All educators embed technology in their daily practice to facilitate high levels of student engagement and learning.

Support for Teaching & Learning:
Technology is routinely used to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative and instructional processes.

Resources for Teaching & Learning:
Align the deployment of sustainable resources with the district’s vision for student learning supported and accelerated by technology.


for Learning

Curricular resources & content in digital formats as well as tools essential to management, collaboration, and communication.


Supporting, training, and developing staff to extend the reach of instruction, enhance access to data and expand learning opportunities.

Device Assisted
Learning and Instruction

Ensuring teachers, students, staff and administrators have persistent access to a computing device.


The equipment that transforms traditional classrooms into digital learning environments where learners can see, hear and interact with digital content.


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Dr. Jane Stavem
Associate Superintendent, Instruction

Kirk Langer
Chief Technology Officer


Pertinent documents used throughout the planning process can be found here.

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