Precision Machining Pathway

11th and 12th Graders


The Precision Machining Pathway gives students the opportunity to develop the skills and abilities necessary to be a part of an engineering team that is creating the world. Curriculum includes practice in traditional and computer-aided drafting, layout and design of fabricated products, the study of materials used in manufacturing, plant layout, materials handling, manufacturing processes, and the use of machines.

Student Experience & Projects

Students will enrich their technical skills with participation in activities such as community service events, service learning projects, SkillsUSA competitions, OPPD project, job shadows, Dream-It-Do-It activities, maker space activities, internships, career fairs, and manufacturing tours.

Possible Careers

  • Tool/Die/Mold Maker
  • Precision Machinist
  • Machine Builder
  • CNC Programmer/Operator
  • Automation/Product/Machine Designer
  • Robot Programmer
  • Engineering Coordinator
  • Multiple Specialist Careers

Field Trips

  • Kawasaki
  • Molex
  • Teledyne Isco
  • Garner Industries
  • Lincoln Industries
  • Lincoln Tool & Design

Guest Speakers

  • Brent Parde from Teledyne Isco
  • Cliff Carlson, Technical Recruiter for Hudl

Recommended Classes to Take at Your Home High School

Recommended pre-TCA courses to take at your home high school

Encouraged: Intro to Engineering Design, Intro to Construction, Intro to Woods Manufacturing | Machine Tool Manufacturing (offered at LHS only) –OR– Welding Technology (offered at LHS only), Machine Tool/Welding (offered at LNE only)

Dual Credits Available
Year 1 Classes
Junior (or Senior if pathway is not full)
Year 2 Classes
Returning TCA Senior

First Semester

Second Semester

First Semester

Second Semester

MACH 1121 (2.0)
Manufacturing Processes

MACH 1173 (2.5)
Machine Tool Lab I

MACH 1156 (3.0)
Blueprint Reading & Drawing

MACH 1174 (2.5)
Machine Tool Lab II

Manufacturing I Project/Competition

MACH 1223 (2.0)
Machine Tool Lab III

Manufacturing II Project/Competition –OR– Pathway Support Team Project

MACH 1224 (2.0)
Machine Tool Lab IV

Manufacturing III Project/Competition –OR–
Senior Project/Internship

Additional high school courses taken at TCA to meet graduation requirements

(Students earn 30 LPS credits per year toward the 245 LPS credits required for graduation).

Year 1 Classes Year 2 Classes

First Semester

Second Semester

First Semester

Second Semester

11th LPS
Government and Politics
(5 LPS credits)

12th LPS
(5 LPS credits)

11th LPS
(5 LPS credits)

12th LPS
(5 LPS credits)

Senior English Seminar
(10 LPS credits)

Course completed over two semesters earning 5 credits each semester

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Related AA/AAS Degrees Offered at SCC

AAS Degrees: Electronic Systems Technology, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Precision Machining and Automation Technology.
Certificates/Diplomas: Precision Machining and Automation Technology.