Criminal Justice Pathway

11th and 12th Graders


Successful completion of this pathway could provide students with the skills needed for a variety of entry-level positions within the criminal justice field. Areas include employment in community-based and institutional correction facilities for adults and juveniles, and skills for criminal investigations, supervision, communications, and reporting techniques, risk assessment, conflict resolution, law enforcement, and homeland security.

Student Experience & Projects

Students will participate in community service events, industry tours, service learning projects, job shadows, and internships.

Possible Careers

Criminal Justice grads may work in a variety of criminal justice-related fields including:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Investigations
  • Corrections
  • County Court
  • Homeland Security

Field Trips

  • NE Supreme Court
  • Lincoln Emergency Communication Center
  • Nebraska State Penitentiary

Guest Speakers

  • Lincoln Police Department
  • Lincoln Police K-9 Unit
  • U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services
  • Private Security Contractor
  • SCC Faculty Experts (Homicide, etc.)

Recommended Classes to Take at Your Home High School

Recommended pre-TCA courses to take at your home high school

Encouraged: Criminal Justice (if offered)

Dual Credits Available

Transferability to some 4-year colleges

(A criminal background check will be required of each student in this program)

Year 1 Classes
Junior (or Senior if pathway is not full)
Year 2 Classes
Returning TCA Senior

First Semester

Second Semester

First Semester

Second Semester

CRIM 1010 (3.0)
Intro to Criminal Justice

CRIM 1020 (3.0)
Intro to Corrections

CRIM 1030 (3.0)
Courts & Judicial Process

CRIM 2030 (3.0)
Police & Society

CRIM 2000 (3.0)
Criminal Law

CRIM 2100 (3.0)
Juvenile Justice

CRIM 2080 (3.0)
Criminal Procedures

CRIM 2240 (3.0)
Ethics in Criminal Justice

Additional high school courses taken at TCA to meet graduation requirements

(Students earn 30 LPS credits per year toward the 245 LPS credits required for graduation).

Year 1 Classes Year 2 Classes

First Semester

Second Semester

First Semester

Second Semester

11th LPS
Government and Politics
(5 LPS credits)

12th LPS
(5 LPS credits)

11th LPS
(5 LPS credits)

12th LPS
(5 LPS credits)

Senior English Seminar
(10 LPS credits)

Course completed over two semesters earning 5 credits each semester

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