K–12 Education Pathway

11th and 12th Graders


Explore strength identification, relationship building, presentation skills, career field opportunities, technology tools, and passion for teaching. Students will have three opportunities to serve as a practicum student in LPS classrooms. Coursework also provides a strong foundation for those looking to continue at SCC or a 4-year college.

  • Tuition: $58.50 per credit hour. Scholarship opportunities available. No cost for students on free & reduced lunch
  • Books/Fees: Provided at no cost
  • Transportation: Provided at no cost from all home high schools
  • Session Options: 8:15-10:15 a.m. (1st year only), 12:45-2:45 p.m. (2nd year only)
  • Club Options: EdRising
Dual Credits Available
Year 1 Classes Year 2 Classes

First Semester

Second Semester

First Semester

Second Semester

ACFS 0860 (1.0)
Student Success

EDUC 1110 (3.0)
Intro to Professional Education

EDUC 1810 (3.0)
Intro to Psych (LPS Human Behavior Credit)

EDUC 1700 (1.0)
Professional Practicum Experiences I

EDUC 2590 (3.0)
Instructional Technology (LPS Technology Credit)

PSYC 1250 (3.0)
Interpersonal Relations

EDUC 2300 (3.0)
Intro to Special Education

EDUC 2970 (0.5)
Professional Practicum Experience II

SOCI 2150 (3.0)
Issues of Unity and Diversity

EDUC 2970 (0.5)
Professional Practicum Experience II

EDUC 0940 (3.0)
Praxis Test Prep

PSYC 2960 (3.0)
Lifespan Human Development

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