Agriculture/Bioscience Pathway

11th and 12th Graders


Successful completion of this pathway could provide students with the tools to address feeding the growing world population, designing pharmaceuticals, and working in agriculture, medicine, environmental, or veterinary fields with a capstone course taking a molecular view through biotechnology. Embedded in this pathway is the Nebraska Department of Education Pathway Level Program of Study, “Plant systems: Biotech.”

Student Experience & Projects

  • Student Clubs FFA & SkillsUSA
  • Field Trips & Guest Speakers
  • Internships & Job Shadows
  • Hands-on Learning

Program of Study

Year 1

Semester 1

  • AGR1003: Intro to Ag & Natural Resource Systems
  • BIOS1010: General Biology (or)
    *BIOS1400: Biology I

Semester 2

  • AGRI1131: Crop & Food Science
  • AGRI1152: Crop & Food Science Lab
  • *BIOT1400: Intro to Biotechnology I

Year 2

Semester 1

  • HORT1130: Intro to Horticulture
  • AGRI1010: Fundamentals of Animal Biology
  • *CHEM1090: General Chemistry I (or)
    CHEM1050 – Chemistry & the Citizen

Semester 2

  • HORT1154: Greenhouse Management
  • AGRI1177: Companion Animals (or)
    *BIOT2400: Intro to Biotechnology II

*Biotechnology National Certification Track

LPS Graduation Requirement Classes

Students will also take an LPS graduation requirement class each semester, one day per week, from the following course options (assigned by TCA): Government & Politics, Economics, Psychology or English.


Dual Credits: Earn up to 29 Southeast Community College credits.