Culinary Pathway

11th and 12th Graders


Students will gain experience in planning, selecting, purchasing, preparing and serving quality food products, as well as basic nutrition, and safety and sanitation procedures. Focus on hands-on experience in all facets of culinary preparation and presentation is emphasized throughout the curriculum.

Student Experience & Projects

Students will participate in ProStart/SkillsUSA competitions, celebrate cultural events with cuisines, cooking with kids camps, community service events, buy local-buy fresh, service learning projects, job shadows, LPS lunch program review, mystery basket competency test, sell products in Academy Enterprise Store, and explore sustainable food practices.

Possible Careers

Culinary graduates may work in a variety of food service and hospitality industries including:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Convention Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Corporate Dining Facilities

Field Trips

  • Sysco
  • HyVee
  • The Nebraska Club
  • Bryan Hospital
  • Sage Bistro

Guest Speakers

  • Chef Justin Stout, Eat, Fit, Go
  • Chef Brandon Harpster, SCC
  • Chef Montana Childress, Nebraska Club Executive Chef
  • Ryley Schuerman, TCA graduate
  • Moses Sorilla, TCA graduate
  • Chef Mario Ochoa, HyVee

Recommended Classes to Take at Your Home High School

Recommended pre-TCA courses to take at your home high school

Highly Recommended: Culinary Foundations
Encouraged: Foods, Nutrition & Wellness and Food Prep & Presentation

Dual Credits Available

All semesters may include culinary competitions/events

Year 1 Classes
Junior (or Senior if pathway is not full)
Year 2 Classes
Returning TCA Senior

First Semester

Second Semester

First Semester

Second Semester

FSDT 1602 (1.5)
Intro to Sanitation & Safety

FSDT 1604 (2.0)
Food Preparation Fundamentals I w/Lab

FSDT 1010 (2.0)
Orientation to Culinary/ Hospitality

FSDT 1610 (2.0)
Food Preparation Fundamentals II w/Lab

FSDT 1618 (2.0)
Advanced Culinary Fundamentals I w/Lab

FSDT 1218 (1.0)
Baking Fundamentals

FSDT 1619 (1.0)
Advanced Culinary Fundamentals II w/Lab

FSDT 1219 (1.0)
Pastry Fundamentals

FSDT 1350 (3.0)
Basic Nutrition

Additional high school courses taken at TCA to meet graduation requirements

(Students earn 30 LPS credits per year toward the 245 LPS credits required for graduation).

Year 1 Classes Year 2 Classes

First Semester

Second Semester

First Semester

Second Semester

11th LPS
Government and Politics
(5 LPS credits)

12th LPS
(5 LPS credits)

11th LPS
(5 LPS credits)

12th LPS
(5 LPS credits)

Senior English Seminar
(10 LPS credits)

Course completed over two semesters earning 5 credits each semester

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Related Associate of Applied Science Degree Offered at SCC

AA/AAS Degrees: Culinary/Hospitality
Diploma: Culinary/Hospitality
Certificates: Dietary Manager

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