Clubs: Future Farmers of America

FFA, or Future Farmers of America, helps students prepare for the future with hands on experience. Like many clubs, there is a website about it and it is a student organization. Any one can be in this club, just not people who want to farm when they are older.

It is a good way to experience new things, and learn a lot. Allowed me to strengthen my skills in communicating.

Erica Riley

Being apart of FFA has helped me to step out of my comfort zone and better with talking with people.

Rieley Kowalski

Land judging is a new experience I would have never learned without FFA.

Jenifer Velazquez
FFA Group Photo

Club Leaders

District and State Competitions

Congratulations to the following students for competing!


Wade Saddler, Samantha Swanson, and Madysen Banzhoff

Inportance of Bacteria in Agriculture

Jenifer Velazquez, Erica Riley, and Reiley Kowalski


Kassidy Leapley Wright (5th place), Erica Riley (4th place), Reiley Kowalski (2nd place), and Jenifer Velazquez (1st place)


O-A Caleb Duncan (6th place), SMAW Alex Polzin (3rd place), GMAW Jayce Frazen (1st place)


TIG Blake Damme (3rd place)


The following are scholarships that you can apply for, if you participated in FFA. Additional scholarships, and a detailed description of each scholarship is on the FFA website.

  • America’s Farmers Grow Ag Leaders Scholarship $1,500
  • John Deere Scholarship up to $2,000
FFA land judging group photo.
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