Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Career Academy?

What is TCA?

High school juniors and seniors take specific career pathway courses and earn dual credits from LPS and SCC.

What are the career pathways?

Sixteen diverse pathways ranging from skilled/technical to 4-year professional degrees.

What will be different about TCA?

Engaging curriculum, pathway-based experiences, competitions, business connections.

Are all courses dual-credit?

Most, but not all. Students will typically earn 14 to 29 SCC semester credits over the two years at TCA!

Who will teach the courses?

Combination of high school teachers and college instructors.

Outcome after 2 years @ TCA?

Scholarship & employability opportunities, certifications, continue to 2-yr./4-yr. degree.


On what date will it open?

Each year will begin on the opening day of Lincoln Public Schools.

Where does it meet?

SCC-Lincoln Campus @ 88th & O.

When does it meet?

First year students typically attend from 8:15-10:15 a.m., second year students from 12:45-2:45 p.m.

Is transportation provided?

Buses from LPS high schools are provided (and recommended for LPS attendance area students).

I Need More Information

How can I get more information?

See counselor, CTE teacher, school administrator, website

How does it fit with my home high school?

Still take four/two classes at home high school per semester.

Are there prerequisites for pathways?

No true prerequisites, but most pathways have highly recommended or recommended courses.

Will I stay on track to graduate?

YES! 15 HS credits/semester at TCA & up to 20 credits at home high school/semester.

What if I drop or leave (grades)?

We will follow SCC/LPS rules regarding drops & withdrawals.

Application and Registration

Who can apply?

All LPS attendance area students (LPS and parochial). SCC region students apply through SENCAP.

When can I apply?

Apply now online! Applications will be accepted through spring of each year

Determination of who is accepted?

Three criteria: 1) on-track to graduate via requirements; 2) GPA indicates an ability to succeed in dual credit courses; 3) student-selected educator’s recommendation.

When will I know if I am accepted?

First-round acceptance is in early February, then month-by-month.

What help is provided to apply and register?

Specific, personalized instructions are sent to each accepted student.

LPS application instructions?

TCA & HS Counselors assist with registration (and option enrollment into LPS for non-LPS students).

SCC registration help?

TCA and SCC Registration staff assist with dual credit registration.

Costs and SCC Tuition

What does it cost?

If parent/guardian is paying, 50% discounted tuition per SCC credit (~$54/credit hr.)

Are scholarships available?

Free & Reduced Lunch, ACE and/or Learn to Dream Scholarships. Additional scholarships depend upon TCA/Foundation fundraising.

Fees, equipment, supplies, memberships, etc.?

LPS provides, free of charge, all items required for the course. Optional student expenses may be reduced by TCA/student fundraising.


Any required textbooks will be provided for free by LPS.

When is tuition due?

SCC typically bills tuition one month after the first day of class.

What if I drop or leave (refunds)?

Follow SCC rules regarding refunds based on drop/withdrawal date.

What is the Career Academy (TCA)?

The Career Academy is an opportunity for juniors and seniors in high schools to explore a potential career pathway while becoming both college- and career-ready. This joint venture between LPS and SCC allows students to earn SCC credits while continuing to earn high school credits toward their high school diploma. The facility is located on the SCC Lincoln campus at 88th & O Street. Transportation will be provided for all students from their home high school.

  • Follows the LPS calendar and it is for juniors and seniors during the school year.
  • TCA will have capacity of over 480 students during each of three potential 2-hour sessions .
    • The morning session for juniors will be held 8:15-10:15 a.m., on Tuesdays from 8:15-9:55 a.m.
    •  A middle session for select pathways (10:20 a.m.-12:10 p.m.)
    • A late middle academic transfer session (11:10 a.m.-12:05 p.m.)
    • The afternoon session for seniors will be held 12:45 to 2:45 p.m., on Tuesdays from 12:15-1:55 p.m.
  • Students spend the majority of their day back in their home high school (4 periods or 2 blocks).
  • Busing from each high school is recommended due to limited on-site parking and fixed start/end times.


The following pathways are offered through TCA and the approximate capacity for each two-hour session is indicated:

Ag/Bioscience (24)
Automotive (@ LNE or LHS) 
Business Admin. (24)
Business Entrepreneurship (24)

Construction (48)
Criminal Justice (24)
Culinary (48)
Early Childhood (28)

Engineering (48) 
Health Science (48)
IT Networking (24)
IT Programming (24)

K-12 Education (28)
Precision Machining (24) 
Welding (30)

Every pathway incorporates entry-level college courses, hands-on activities, field trips, competitions, and interactions with local business and industry people directly involved in the career. The building is specifically designed and uniquely equipped to increase student engagement through real-world experiences while providing local businesses the opportunity to reach a large number of students. A “complete” pathway is a two-year curriculum (seniors can start in year “one” if slots go unfilled by juniors).

Pathway Outcomes

Completing a pathway at TCA will provide multiple transition options for students:
• Have greater access to internships, apprenticeships, hands-on-training, and employment.
• Actually earn or progress toward business and industry certification in some career fields.
• Complete from 3 to 8 semester college credits by attending TCA each semester.
• Utilize their earned credits to accelerate the completion of a two-year or four-year degree.
• Be more career and college ready as they develop more in-depth soft skills at TCA.

What Are the Costs to Students (Tuition, Fees, Equipment)?

  • LPS credits are at no cost as they are included in the free and public education portion. Transportation and any required materials and/or textbooks are provided for free for LPS students. Option enrollment is available for non-LPS attendance area students.
  • SCC tuition costs for a student’s parents or guardians are discounted at 50% of the regular SCC tuition.
  • Students eligible for Free & Reduced Lunch will have access to Learn-to-Dream and ACE scholarships (covers all tuition). Business and donor fundraising is targeting additional scholarships for students slightly above the FRL levels.
  • Students are allowed to purchase personalized equipment and supplies in pathways where students may prefer to have their own items or want to keep a finished product.