Clubs: Educators Rising

Educators Rising, known as EdRising, prepares students to become good teachers. In EdRising you learn life skills, in addition to studying and participating in events. Sometimes you get to travel during school hours, who doesn’t want to miss school for a good activity. Learn life skills through speakers, workshops, and events. With EdRising there are also scholarships and awards that are given out to high achievers.

EdRising has been a opportunity for me to look at what college has in store for me at the end of this year.

You meet a lot of people around the country, jump start our teaching career and our teachers are the coolest.

Educators Rising Group Photo

Club Leaders

  • Jaime Cartwright (Club Sponsors)


There are several scholarships for students who want to continue their career in K-12 education.

  • University of Nebraska Lincoln Teacher Scholars Academy
  • Janeen Tuning Memorial Scholarship $1000
  • John & Dorthy Prasch Memorial Scholarship $1000
  • Lincoln Area Retired School Personnel $1000
  • Sally G. Wysong Scholarship $TBD
EdRising Tower Building