Water Resources

There are many different ways you can conserve water in and around your home. The city of Lincoln offers a few resources that teach how to conserve water outdoors, how to conserve water indoors and suggests options for waterwise plants to use around your home.

Water can easily become polluted, especially in an agricultural community. Ingesting or swimming in polluted water can be bad for your health, so it is always important to know about the quality of water that you may come in contact with. Keep an eye on the water quality in your area by referring to the 2019 Annual Water Quality Report.

Droughts occur here in Nebraska fairly frequently, and during such times conserving water becomes especially important. The University of Nebraska – Lincoln put together a United States drought monitoring map to educate on susceptible areas.

Here are some activities for kids to practice water saving activities:

The Lincoln Water System Water Workbook for kids includes coloring pages, water facts and activities for kids.

These Water Wise Games have activities that practice water saving techniques and teach the importance of clean water.

These Water Cycle worksheets provide word puzzles, coloring pages and other fun water-centered activities for kids.