All school sites and support buildings have participated in the LPS Recycling Program since 2002. LPS currently recycles over 1.3 million pounds of material annually.

Each school has the flexibility to decide how students will be engaged in the program. Collections are done by many different groups, such as specific grade levels, like kindergarten classes studying ‘garbology’ or a 5th grade science class. Other groups include school Green Teams, student councils, Community Learning Center after-school programs, and Special Education classes.

Recycling protects and conserves our limited natural resources, strengthens Lincoln’s economy by supporting green jobs, and teaches LPS students the importance of caring for our natural environment.

For more information on who collects the recycling and how to be more involved refer to the LPS Recycling Guidelines.

For more information regarding the the amount of recyclables LPS diverts from the land fill refer to the Monthly Environmental Impact Reports.

The City of Lincoln Waste Management Guide provides information on Lincoln’s recycling goals and a map of public recycling locations around the city.

Staff members, please check out our Waste Resources for Staff page for any further questions.

Below is a list of items that can be recycled at LPS. The different categories go in separate bins. The items are separated from each other to maintain the value of the individual commodities being collected.

Click on each item to learn more about how and where it is recycled!


Tin Cans

Newspaper, Magazines and More

Mixed Office Paper

Plastic & Aluminum Cans

Electronic Waste, Printer Cartridges, and Batteries

Construction Waste