LPS Gardens

Several buildings throughout the Lincoln Public Schools district have gardens or other natural outdoor settings located on their grounds that promote involvement from students, teachers, parents, and community members. These school gardens provide students with a communal space outside of the classroom to build on educational and nutritional proficiency, while the community benefits from potential access to fresh produce and interaction with the local youth. 21 schools reported having a garden or outdoor classroom space, and all schools have different components to their gardens. Check out the School Garden Inventory page to see what each school has in their outdoor space.

Schools can also apply for Master Gardeners who are trained experts that can help schools with planting schedules and other garden education efforts. Sign up here to request a Master Gardener.

Do you have a question about school gardens? Check out the School Garden FAQ.

Lincoln Public Schools Garden Manual

The manual is available here. It includes the following sections:

  • Farm to School
  • Starting a School Garden on an LPS Site
  • Gardening Basics
  • Educating Students in the Garden
  • Garden Sustainability

Read Our Garden Stories

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Lefler Middle School

Holmes Elementary School

Beattie Elementary School

Mickle Middle School

Everett Elementary School

Prescott Elementary School