Teacher Resources


Recycling Detectives
  • This activity is written for low-level elementary students. The lesson focuses on the children being detectives and “discovering” materials around the room/school that are recyclable.
Hands on Recycling
  • Another lower elementary resource with several useful lessons to teach students about the harms of filling landfills and the many benefits of recycling.
Trash, Trash, and More Trash
  • This PBS lesson plan relates to science and math, and allows students to actively learn about and identify recyclable objects that should be separated from items of standard garbage. The math portion allows students to calculate how many trash bags their families contribute to the landfill.
Waste Free Lunch Activity
  • This activity from King County is written to show elementary aged students the harm of packaged foods and how to reduce the amount of waste they produce when eating lunch.
Nico’s Quest to Recycle: A Kid’s Guide to Recycling
  • This resource teaches students the importance of recycling, while also providing teachers with a printable pdf of the guide, which includes quizzes, games, and fun facts about recycling.
2nd Grade Garbology Resource Garbology Unit (Second Grade)
  • This UNL Extension product provides an abundance of information, videos, and activities regarding garbage, recycling, and general waste management.


Composting Activities for Students
  • Do the Rot Thing: A Teacher’s Guide to Composting Activities provides several activities for all grade levels to teach how composting works, how worms affect the process, and how students can spread their knowledge of composting with others. *Remember to adapt activities to coincide with LPS composting requirements
Lesson for High School Students
  • Earth Day Network gives an excellent lesson on composting for teaching high school – level students what composting is and why it is important.
Teacher’s Page
  • This teacher’s page from Cornell University provides reasons for composting, waste management plans and tips, and K-12 composting activities.
Other Composting Resources Outdoor Composting Demonstration at Pioneers Park Nature Center
  • For a hands on look at the composting process, demonstrations take place for the public at the Pioneers Park Nature Center on various dates. See the above link for upcoming demonstrations.
Worm Composting (Video)
  • In this video, Lindsay Rogers demonstrates how worms help to speed up and improve the process of composting.
Outdoor/Home Composting (Video)
  • Widely viewed on National Geographic, this video shows how simple it is to compost outdoors. From this video, students and teachers alike can learn how to compost on school grounds or at home.


Groundwater Foundation
  • The Groundwater Foundation provides several tips regarding homes and communities to protect groundwater.
Teacher’s Guide to Water Related Lesson Plans
  • This information hub includes links to lessons plans, web quests, handouts, projects, etc., all regarding water usage and water education.


Teacher Resource
  • This LES page for educators provides teachers with options for integrating energy information into curriculum, including lessons, activities, and options for visits from LES employees.
Student Resource
  • Lincoln Electric System’s e-SMART Kids student page provides games, FAQ’s, home inspection tips, and other activities for students to learn about energy conservation and electrical safety.