Sustainability Department

The Lincoln Public Schools Sustainability Department supports sustainability throughout the district and the community by implementing environmentally responsible practices in LPS facilities and providing engagement opportunities for our future environmental stewards. 

Sustainability Efforts

In 2022, LPS diverted 57% of waste from landfills and recycled over 2.5 million pounds of material. Some of the materials recycled include paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, tin, and cartons.
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LPS composted over 1.1 million pounds of waste in 2022. Food scraps and organic waste are sorted and hauled to a local composting facility in order to be turned into a nutrient-rich amendment for soils.
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LPS uses ground source heat pumps for over 95% of district square footage. The heat pumps are connected to geothermal well fields and save energy and money. LPS is also making energy efficient upgrades including LED lighting, occupancy sensors, and building envelope updates.
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LPS conserves water by irrigating less than 12% of its land. Water conservation and efficiency is a priority across our grounds and facilities. Many buildings are upgraded with high efficiency plumbing fixtures such as toilets, sinks, and water fountains.
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Sustainable Transportation
LPS works to reduce vehicle emissions with our school bus fleet, staff fleet, and sustainable transportation resources for the community.
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Gardens & Outdoor Learning
LPS has 27 gardens and outdoor classrooms. Outdoor learning improves student health, behavior, and academic performance. These spaces provide an opportunity for students to connect with nature and grow anything from pollinators to produce!
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