For thirty years, Lincoln Public Schools has been taking great strides in moving towards energy conservation and efficiency. With the support of bond issue projects, energy efficient upgrades being implemented throughout the district include LED lighting, high efficiency windows, occupancy sensors, building envelope upgrades, and high efficiency geothermal heat pump systems for heating and cooling our buildings.

Geothermal Well Fields & Ground Source Heat Pumps

 LPS is committed to reducing energy consumption and improving indoor air quality in our buildings. Geothermal well fields and ground source heat pump systems are a highly efficient way to heat and cool buildings, which reduces carbon emissions compared to a regular standard system. As of 2020, these systems have provided heating and cooling for approximately 90% of the square footage throughout the district. By switching to geothermal energy, not only are we helping Lincoln by improving our overall air quality, but also saving money that can be used for future plans in the district. Check out our Geothermal Energy video to learn more about how these systems work at LPS. 

Efficient Operations

Installing upgraded equipment is an important step, but operating equipment efficiently is just as important! Automated building controls are used to minimize or eliminate wasted energy in unoccupied spaces. Outside of the school day, rooms in LPS buildings have thermostat setbacks unless a reservation has specifically been made for that space. 

How Are LPS Students and Staff Taking Action?

Students and staff can also take action to reduce energy consumption in buildings. By sharing how they are conserving energy, schools can be recognized and earn funding through our Green School Recognition Program. Some of these activities include: 

  • Lights Out Campaign 
  • Energy Bingo 
  • Power Patrol 
  • LES Renewable Energy Tour 
  • Let’s Talk Energy!

Lincoln Electric Systems (LES)

LPS is a customer of Lincoln Electric System. They provide support for efficiency upgrades while also working to transition their energy production portfolio to more sustainable sources. LES has set a decarbonization goal in 2020, which calls for eliminating their carbon dioxide production from their generation portfolio by 2040. Currently 34% of their generation is from hydro, solar, wind and landfill gas.  

They also have a Sustainable Energy Program to incentivize customers on making energy-efficient improvements. Check out LES’s website to learn more about their sustainability efforts!

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