Middle School Garden Gathering

When: Thursday, October 10th, 4 to 6 pm
Where: Mickle Middle School – Garden & Media Center
Who: Middle school staff (teachers, admin, CLC) and anyone else who might support garden efforts at a local middle school. We highly encourage schools to bring a team or multiple representatives to this event. 

Please join us for this informational session focused on gardens and outdoor learning at the middle school level. Those who attend will be provided numerous local resources and opportunities for growing and enhancing these efforts at their own school and connecting to curriculum. You will also have the opportunity to network with other middle school staff who are pursuing these same types of projects and classroom connections. 

Included in this event will be a tour of the Mickle Garden and visiting with the Garden Club students!

See more details and register for the event HERE

Walk to School Day

Wednesday, October 2nd 

Registration is open for the movement that inspires the community to come together and promote healthy and safer routes to school while also helping our environment! http://www.walkbiketoschool.org/