Resources for Custodians

Have questions about recycling categories or outdoor containers at your building?

Ordering Supplies

Need to order more recycling containers, lids, dollies, or mesh bags?

Need to order waste management signs?

Need to order compost liners?

Need to order pedestal sign holders for the cafeteria?

Pickup Information

Need a pickup?

Uribe Refuse is the hauler for Recycling (including cartons), Compost, and Trash. Please email Uribe Refuse at and be sure to include the location and the type of material that needs emptied. 

Guidelines & Procedures

Refuse Logs

Each building is responsible for filling out a monthly refuse log. Here is a guide to help you access and fill out refuse logs.

Carton Recycling

All cartons must be collected in mesh bags instead of plastic liners. Here are the procedures for using the mesh bags.

Cafeteria Compost Program

Here is a simple layout of the compost program setup