Green Schools Recognition Program

The recognition program engages staff, students, administrators, custodians, and families by encouraging them to complete activities that reduce the environmental impact of their school. The program is based on the number of points earned by each school and recognizes schools for various levels of achievement. These activities are generally designed to be carried out or directed by the school Green Team, but anyone is welcome to participate!

How It Works:

Start a Green Team (optional)

Teachers, staff, students, and family members are all welcome to earn points for their school. We know schools can be a big place to coordinate these efforts across departments and different groups using the building, so we recommend putting together a Green Team to be the champion group of this program.

All principals are asked to designate a Sustainability Champion for their school, and they should be your point of contact for creating/joining the green team.

Do Activities

Earn points by completing sustainability-related activities. Yes, this includes activities you might already be doing!

We have rounded up a list of presentations, curriculum, campaigns, resources and more so you can easily find activities that interest you and your students. You can also develop your own activity, just make sure it relates to environmental sustainability. Teachers, staff, students, and family members can all earn points.

Report for Points

Reporting your activity to get points is simple. Take a few photos while doing your activity and then submit then to us via the online points reporting form. The Sustainability Team will review your submission and award your school points.

Be Recognized and Rewarded

All schools are eligible to earn funding for reaching one of 3 achievement levels. And in the spirit of friendly competition – the top elementary school and top secondary school will each be awarded $500 in sustainability project funding!

In May, top earning schools will be recognized as green leaders and awarded sustainability funding.

Check out the leaderboard to see what schools have already accomplished this year:

LEVEL                   POINTS                   FUNDING

Green                     75-124 points                     $50

Greener                 125-199 points                     $100

Greenest                200 points or more                $200

Top Elementary & Top Secondary                        $500