Green Team Handbook

The Green Team Handbook is LPS Sustainability’s comprehensive guide to building, engaging, and maintaining a Green Team. From this foundational framework, each Green Team can grow into an organization as unique as the school it serves!

Green Team FAQs

What is a Green Team?

“Green Team” is a general term used to describe a group of individuals within a school who promote sustainability action and education in their school and their community.

What does a Green Team do?

The Green Team serves as a leader in creating a sustainable school community. Green Team members are responsible for coordinating projects and activities to reduce the school’s environmental impact. Student members of a Green Team have the opportunity to learn about, plan, and carry out a variety of projects related to environmental stewardship.


Many Green Team activities and projects are also eligible for Green Schools Recognition Program Points. If your Green Team is looking for inspiration, visit our activity ideas page to get started.

Who should be part of a Green Team?

Anyone connected to a school community with an interest in sustainability can join a Green Team! Teams commonly consist of students, teaching staff, families, school administrators, community members, and volunteers. Every school is unique and we see that reflected in Green Teams across the district.

How do I know if my school has a Green Team?

Your school’s Sustainability Champion will be a great source of information about the Green Team. You can also keep an eye out for clubs or student organizations that focus on green topics since not every Green Team goes by that exact name!


Green Teams at LPS high schools include organizations with names like Eco Club, Feminists for Change, FEWSS Club, Garden Club, Hive Helpers, and Neature Club, to name a few.


How do I get involved with my school's Green Team?

Your best bet is to reach out to your school’s Sustainability Champion. They may be able to provide details about an upcoming meeting, or help you join as an inaugural Green Team member!

Can I submit GSRP activities for points if I'm not part of a Green Team?

Absolutely! No matter how big or small your points-earning activities are, we want to give your school credit. All activities eligible for Green Schools Recognition Program points can be submitted to the Sustainability Team using the same form

Green Team Planning & Engagement

The students of East High School’s Eco Club have stepped up as leaders in their school and their community! The club created a Google Classroom to keep them organized and on track and are using those resources to their full potential. We hope the Eco Club’s example serves as a helpful starting point for other groups in the district.

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