Water is a valuable resource, and LPS is committed to utilizing water efficiently and minimizing its use when possible. 

Through a combination of education and conservation efforts, the district has reduced its water consumption by almost 10% since 2018, despite adding over 65,000 square feet in space over the same time period.

Outdoor Water Usage

LPS takes pride in limiting irrigation to high school athletic fields, along with a few other select facilities, resulting in lower water usage and associated costs. 

For those areas that are irrigated, LPS follows the limited watering schedule associated with the City Water Restriction Guidelines year-round, regardless of whether mandatory water restrictions are in place.

acres of grass & field turf
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of land irrigated district-wide
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All of this land can be managed without irrigation, because the district prioritizes vegetation that requires minimal maintenance. Any new plantings on school grounds utilize drought resistant plantings including:



Ground Cover

Indoor Water Usage

Along with responsible outdoor water use, LPS continually strives to utilize water efficiently inside our facilities. Schools and support buildings are upgraded when possible, and new construction projects prioritize high-efficiency fixtures such as:

  • Low-flow toilets
  • Water fountains
  • Aerated, motion sensor faucets