Scrap Metal Drive Raises $790

We have added up the donations, and the 2023-24 LPS Scrap Metal Drive raised $793!

Our partners, Alter Metal Recycling and Sadoff Iron and Metal Recycling Company, accept a variety of items for recycling and track community donations throughout the year. Community members were encouraged to recycle their scrap metal at one of those businesses where they could then donate all or a portion of the proceeds to benefit the LPS Recycling Program. The Lincoln Community donated the proceeds from over 10,140 pounds of metal that was recycled throughout the school year. 

These funds are used to replace aging, worn out steel recycling containers. They will be recycled as scrap metal and replaced with containers manufactured from recycled steels – closing the recycling loop. The LPS Recycling Program provides recycling education and opportunities in all LPS school classrooms, offices and support buildings.  In 2023, LPS was able to reuse, recycle, and compost 3.8 million pounds of material, diverting 54% of its waste from the landfill.

Thank you to Alter Metal Recycling and Sadoff Iron and Metal Company for their continued partnership with this program. And thank you to all of our wonderful community members for their donations!