2023 ENERGY STAR Certifications

LPS Sustainability is proud to announce that Lincoln Public Schools earned ENERGY STAR certification for 22 buildings in 2023!

This record-setting number for LPS includes 9 buildings that achieved recertification after also being recognized in 2022. 

ENERGY STAR certifications help track and recognize the impressive sustainability efforts going on across LPS properties.

Buildings districtwide are continuing to improve their ENERGY STAR ratings through a combination of facility upgrades and consistent efforts from the staff and students who occupy them every day.

For example, LED light bulbs reduce a building’s energy usage on their own, but someone switching the lights off when they leave a room makes the impact even bigger!

To be eligible for certification, a building must earn an ENERGY STAR score of at least 75 on a scale of 1 to 100. A rating of 75 reflects that a building operates at an energy efficiency greater than 75% of comparable properties in the United States.

The Certification Process

  • Data Reporting

    Throughout the year, the Sustainability Team enters data on each building's monthly electricity and natural gas usage.

  • Score Calculation

    The eligibility rating system looks at building size and purpose, local climate trends, and reported utility data.

  • Certification

    When a property meets the qualification requirements and wants to pursue certification, an independent licensed professional must verify the building’s efficiency data and overall indoor environmental quality.

Certified Buildings

New Certifications

  • Beattie Elementary- 88
  • Brownell Elementary- 83
  • Campbell Elementary- 88
  • Cavett Elementary- 83
  • Eastridge Elementary- 95
  • Goodrich Middle- 99
  • Lakeview Elementary- 93
  • Moore Middle- 90
  • Morley Elementary- 97
  • Pound Middle- 95
  • Roper Elementary- 89
  • Steve Joel District Leadership Center- 95
  • Zeman Elementary- 93

Recertified from 2022

  • Arnold Elementary- 88
  • Belmont Elementary- 97
  • Fredstrom Elementary- 86
  • Hill Elementary- 93
  • Humann Elementary- 97
  • Irving Middle- 98
  • Lefler Middle- 95
  • Maxey Elementary- 85
  • Pyrtle Elementary- 99

As LPS works to increase building efficiency districtwide, we expect to see even more ENERGY STAR certifications in 2024 and beyond. The next time you visit one of the district’s certified buildings, look for the blue ENERGY STAR decal at the main entrance!

Congratulations to all the Lincoln Public Schools properties that achieved certification for 2023!