2019-20 Green Schools Recognition Program Results

The Green Schools Recognition Program just wrapped up its fourth year! This program provides schools with a list of environmental activities to choose from and complete throughout the year. Each activity has a point value, and funds can be earned for reaching certain levels of achievement. We are thrilled to announce that over 200 green activities were reported from 15 schools for the 2019-20 school year.

Just a few examples of the activities include: Organizing a Green Apple Day of Service project, hosting an NRD Nature Night, doing a neighborhood litter clean up, harvesting in a school garden, and so much more! Through this program, LPS students were able to learn about the importance of environmental stewardship while participating in sustainability events that made them aware of how they can change their school and communities. 

Congratulations to the schools receiving project funds:

Sheridan Elementary: 
31 activities worth 270 points, receives $500 as top earning elementary school

Pound Middle:
31 activities worth 235 points, receives $350 for tie as top earning secondary school

Mickle Middle:
44 activities worth 230 points, receives $350 for tie as top earning secondary school

Elliott Elementary:
28 activities worth 150 points, receives $100

Kooser Elementary:
13 activities worth 105 points, receives $50

Irving Middle:
11 activities worth 100 points, receives $50

Park Middle:
11 activities worth 100 points, receives $50

Congratulations to the other 8 schools that participated in the program: Maxey Elementary, North Star High, Southeast High, Everett Elementary, Belmont Elementary, Adams Elementary, Lakeview Elementary, and Lincoln High.