Sustainability Spotlight: 2020 Earth Day Celebrations

This year students and staff got creative at home to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd. We released our first ever LPS Earth Week Bingo Card and encouraged families pick something from each of the themed days: Energy, Consumption and Waste, Climate Action, Water, and Great Outdoors/Arbor Day.

Schools shared their Earth Day celebration photos with us which included walks around the neighborhood to pick up litter, practicing recycling right at home, gardening and starting an at home composting bin, building bird feeders, switching to reusable containers, and more.

Thank you to everyone that participated in this year’s Earth Day celebration!

Families got outside to pick up litter around their neighborhood.
Some LPS staff started their own backyard garden composting station at home.
Students practiced gardening to celebrate Earth Day.
Some LPS students and their families started recycling at home to celebrate Earth Day.
These students got outside to explore nature and even caught butterflies to observe indoors.
LPS staff switched out disposable baggies with reusable containers to practice reducing waste.
Students dropped off their home recycling at one of the Lincoln recycling drop-off stations.