Sustainability Spotlight: Lincoln Southeast NEATure Club

Students and staff at Southeast high school created the NEATure Club in order to explore sustainable opportunities and implement student ideas. Laurel Schmitz, science teacher at Southeast, took on the role as club sponsor and has been busy facilitating ideas and organizing activities for students in the club. On club days, the NEATure club often has a meeting, goes on nature walks, picks up litter in nearby neighborhoods or works on improving waste management in their school. In January, students from the club met with the LPS Sustainability Team to discuss ways to improve waste management and worked to develop signage to put up around the school that advocates for correct recycling. After advertising for better recycling habits and hanging up signs, Southeast’s recycling numbers improved from an average of 4100 pounds being recycled per month in the first quarter to an average of 4700 pounds being recycled per month in the third quarter. That’s quite the impact! 

Aside from activities being done by the NEATure Club, Southeast has been immersing their students in the outdoor environment. Biology classes had the opportunity to get out of the classroom and visit the Lower Platte South for a school field trip in the fall. This provided students with a chance to apply the knowledge they have learned in the classroom to an outdoor setting. 

Congratulations to the NEATure Club and Lincoln Southeast for leading the way towards sustainability in their building and the entire district! Follow along with club activities and initiatives on their Instagram @lseneatureclub.