Human Resources

Professional Enhancement Fund (PEF)


The Professional Enhancement Fund was established from money paid by the University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL) to LPS educators and administrators who work with students from UNL’s College of Education and Human Sciences.  The money in this fund may be utilized for a variety of activities that enhance professional development for LPS educators.  There are three categories of funding within the Professional Enhancement Fund:

  • Tuition Credit Points
  • PEF Point Reimbursement Fund
  • PEF Special Projects Fund

Funding for the PEF Special Projects Fund is determined by a joint LEA/LPS committee.

A joint LEA/LPS committee has developed the current guidelines for all three of the funding categories within the Professional Enhancement Fund (PEF) system.

Committee Members

Kay Byers and Michael Geist, Co-chairs
  • Wendy Badje
  • James Blake
  • Chris Deibler
  • Lisa Oltman
  • Vann Price
  • Jeff Vercellino
  • Erika Brunning
  • Bailey Feit
  • Linda Freye
  • Marge Keep
  • Megan Simsic
  • Adam Wuerfele


  • Application deadline for PEF money for use in Spring is November 1st
  • Application deadline for PEF money for use in Summer and Fall is April 1st

PEF Special Projects Application