Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) is a USDA grant funded program made available by the Nebraska Department of Education. Only school sites (K-8) with 50 percent or more of their students qualifying for a free or reduced-price meals are eligible to apply. High schools are not eligible to apply. Funding is limited, and priority is given to Nebraska schools with the highest percentage of low-income students. Each year Nutrition Services submits applications for eligible sites, unfortunately not all LPS sites will receive funding .

Selected schools receive additional funds to cover the cost of providing free fresh fruits and vegetables to students during the school day. These fresh fruits and vegetables must be served separately from the lunch or breakfast meal, in one or more areas of the school (usually delivered to the classroom) during the official school day.

Goals and Services

The program goals include expanding the variety of fruits and vegetables children experience, increasing children’s fruit and vegetable consumption and combating childhood obesity by helping students learn more about healthful eating habits. Selected schools must offer free fresh fruits and vegetables to students during the school day, at least two days per week.

FFVP introduces school children to a variety of fresh produce that they otherwise might not have had the opportunity to sample. Coordinating nutrition education activities and promoting FFVP through out the school reinforces the program goals. 

Participating Schools

Each year Nutrition Services submits an application to the Nebraska Department of Education for qualifying LPS sites. Here is the list of schools that were awarded funds for the most recent school year:

Arnold Elementary

Belmont Elementary

Brownell Elementary

Campbell Elementary

Clinton Elementary

Culler Middle School

Dawes Middle School

Donald D. Sherrill Education Center

Elliott Elementary

Everett Elementary

Goodrich Middle School

Hartley Elementary

Huntington Elementary

Lakeview Elementary

McPhee Elementary

Norwood Park Elementary

Nuernberger Education Center

Park Middle School

Pershing Elementary

Prescott Elementary

Riley Elementary

Saratoga Elementary

West Lincoln Elementary

FFVP School Order Form and Reminders

Important Reminders:

  • The fresh fruits and vegetables provided are to be served ONLY during the school day, not before school, not after school and not during summer school.
  • The fresh fruits and vegetables provided should be served separately from meals. They should NOT be served along with breakfast and lunch.
  • Only teachers who are directly responsible for serving the fruit or vegetable to their students may partake of the fruit or vegetable. The fresh fruits and vegetables are not available to the general teacher population or other adults in the school.
  • Teachers serving fruits and vegetables to their students can model healthful eating habits by participating with their students and including a nutrition education lesson.
  • Teachers should use the serving time as an opportunity to talk with students about nutrition, health, hygiene and manners.
  • The fresh fruits and vegetables are intended for all children enrolled in participating schools and cannot be used as gifts or rewards.
  • You cannot withhold the FFVP fruits and vegetables as a form of discipline.
  • Call the Nutrition Services Office if you have further questions.