MySchoolBucks OnePay Annual Program Fee

What is OnePay?

OnePay is a discounted program fee payment for student cafeteria accounts. OnePay allows parents to pay a program fee upfront from their checking account, with unlimited payments for 12 months. Parents make as many payments as they want, and in any amount – there are no spending limits and never incur another $1.95 processing fee at checkout.

How Will OnePay Benefit You?

A parent that normally funds their account once per month will pay 10 times per year – that’s approx. $20 per year in processing fees. With OnePay, parents can save up to 60% on processing fees and fund their account as often as they like with no additional fees at checkout.

OnePay offers the choice of two program fee payment packages: Student for $12.95/year or the Family Plan for $26.95/year. Both packages fit into a household budget and provide great value for large families and those who fund their accounts frequently.

How Does OnePay Work?

To take advantage of the savings OnePay offers, you must use your checking account for payment. (OnePay cannot be used with credit/debit cards.)

Select the OnePay option suitable for your family (Student or Family Plan) and pay the set amount.

Once this is paid, you will not have to pay another processing fee on your account for 12 months!

How Do Existing Users Find OnePay?

Once your account is created, click on your name at the top of the screen, then My User Profile. The section My Membership has as Sign Up button and will take you to the Membership page to make your selections and pay for the service.